Grab ahold of some TP and prepare crap yourself, Pimp Network Community fav. Paradise has just released his book “21st Century Fox:Space Age Pimpin” unto. 21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping has 4 ratings and 0 reviews: pages. A digital ages pimpin. 21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping. Click the start the download. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. A digital ages pimpin.

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They rely on what is basically sex spsce, lust, to attract and “Fort Knox” a man. Confirmation and nurturing of their ownVanity. What you can’t have you cant resist. I’m an expert communicator, half of which is listening well. Neither is right or wrong. I’m already signed up for the Facebook page. Travel abroad and domestically. And a god could never fuck with anyone but a goddess. My taste is cenyury expensive like Stella Artois, you know what I’m saying? Therefore I have no qualms about my best friend’s woman Copping me if she is Choosing me.

A girl leans up to the bar near me when most of the bar is free.

If this coverage rox applied universally, we would be told that all schoolteachers were child molesters and that the police were all corrupt, racist, drug-dealing Freemasons!

People would place importance in being themselves with one another. Surveying the flawless talcum powder beach that declines into rippling bubble-bath turquoise sea as you reminisce last night’s party, packed with your best friends?


21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping

My friends and I often prefer to socialise out rather than visit each other’s houses. Like I said, women cheat very subtle. So it isn’t rocket science to figure how we’re a combination. I believe that all humans seek approval in the most valid way that they can obtain it. Obviously I can see if they’re the kind of person who flirts and is generally physical or not. Only doing it many, many times more powerfully. The man a busload of the other hoes in the place are wishing they were with.

Or distorted by one- dimensional jokers with classic retro imagery of Cadillacs, fur coats and other wild paraphernalia. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Cover art by One Black Dog. There are basic Behavioural patterns that I class epace “Evidence.

21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping: Paradise: : Books

Hoes like someone fit, good looking, deep, funny, but it helps if you are financially stable. Its simple outer results belie its intricate inner mechanics of innumerable wheels within wheels. Staying true to myself also includes the fact that I am honest, sincere and keep my word with people. Scarf aceClout is a hoe’s sole dominant motivation. At work, or in any interactive situations, I conduct myself pleasantly with female colleagues and acquaintances on a formal level. I might bump into a few hoes at the same time.


This truth used to fox me when I was years dumber. Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I’m prepared to Copp. If I can see her, she can see me.

I can’t have hoes out-dressing a Pimp now, can I? He’ll see me as a threat to him, sexually and egoistically.

They’re prime hoe magnets. This may seem paradoxical, as the classic Pimp image is that of someone who is dependent upon the income from his hoes, and receiving hoe’s money is what the game is about.

Clout is like a smart bomb. They appreciate that I have allocated a window in 21et precious time to allow them to take me out. The only thing rarer than a beautiful women is a prince charming that has his life together. Infinite Dreams Publishing is no longer selling the cds because they were considered cdntury limited edition supplemental material for people who already owned the book. Tries to like the same music as her.

When I dress, I do so in front of full-length mirrors. Among my contemporaries there were fabulously beautiful people.