Jake Entwhistle is smart and handsome, but living with a shadow over his romantic history. Janet Rossi is a bright, witty aide to the governor of Massachusetts. In A Little Love Story, Roland Merullo – winner of the Massachusetts Book Award and the Maria Thomas Fiction Award – has created a sometimes poignant. Merullo (In Revere, In Those Days, , etc.) risks the mawkish in this readable tale. Having just spent a celibate year mourning the death of.

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You will not be disappointed. During this time, however, Janet is struggling in her losing battle with cystic fibrosis. Interesting characters, an uncommon twist to a perhaps familiar story-line, and nice Boston setting all add up to another winner for Merullo.

They have their own language and jokes and secrets and assumptions about the right and wrong ways of doing things, and some of that always shows in the children, the way something of Germany or Australia always shows in a German or an Australian, no matter where they go. One of my favorites. I read a book this week, and it made an impression on me- enough of one to have me write this review which, let me tell you, is not easy for me to do on my phone.

Does she have any real hope that she will survive the wait? This book had a good taste of all of those.


A Little Love Story

Started and finished in one day. Read it Forward Read it first. This story is the title, A Little Love Story.

May 05, John rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, the author really takes you through shory story with empathy, humor and hope.

What Roland does is show how these two characters, told from Jake’s perspective, move through certain uncertainty as they try to build a relationship.

A Little Love Story by Roland Merullo | : Books

The last two books by Roland Merullo were so outstanding though, that when this was on the shelf at the library, I just had to take it home. And I like the themes of life and death, love and heartbreak, healing and rebuilding, family, and spirituality. Apr 11, Bethany rated it merullo was ok.

I highly recommend this one and am curious about other novels by this local author. The last part about the donor was interesting to me as it was a bit of insight into someone I know. This book did not disappoint. But instead of trying to repair the broken place, or at least really stop and look at it, you skated and joked.

Janet’s sickness, which Jake assumes is a lingering cough, but which is really cystic fibrous, puts a time limit on their story and adds an urgency to each moment. May 27, Judym rated it liked it.

And your life was somehow just about half of rpland it could be. After a few months together it is clear that her lungs are giving out. Feb 22, Amy rated it liked it Recommended to Amy by: To view it, click here. Be the first to discover new talent! There are parts of the book that read well merillo I had suffered the protagonists up to a point. Apr 27, Read It Forward rated it it was amazing Shelves: The word machine is used several times in the book to describe people in a derogatory way: Jul 04, Annike Timmermans rated it it was amazing.


Jake immediately becomes besotted with Janet and asks her out on a date. Why does Jake continue to call his sister, though her circumstances and attitude never seem to improve?

But that is just what makes it so darn enticing. A more well-rounded character would have had more difficulty, but Jake was surprisingly perfect t in his empathy.


Stepping out for a donut his car is hit by Janet, an aide to the governor. How they reacted matched their make – it all made sense.

Are the qualities he sees in her the same ones that attract Jake? Another great thing is that Meryllo books are quick reads. After finishing the book, you have to go back and reread the prologue. I got great satisfaction and enjoyment, each time I picked it up. Please provide an oove address.

I don’t get it.