1 Theodore Adorno, ‘Trying to Understand Endgame’ in Samuel Beckett: Longman Critical Reader, eds. Jennifer. Birkett and Kate Ince (Essex: Pearson. As Theodor Adorno famously notes: ‘Understanding [Endgame] can mean Disagreement arises only over the identity of the side seeking to checkmate Ham. The text under discussion will be Theodor Adorno’s essay on Samuel Beckett’s Endgame, “Trying to Understand Endgame” [Versuch, das.

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In the process, pure reason had to sever itself from nature and forcefully dispel the udnerstand around it in order to assert itself, erasing in the process the many shades of blackness and grayness that lay out there, the many nuances that were so important to Beckett.

For example, if we say that God has created us and has deemed his creation good, then our lives are legitimized due to our status as intended creation. Thursday 4 October 5 – 6.

Paris Alive [PA], Both interpretations of nature offer at least a minimum of sense for human life, a minimum value in preserving the status quo of staying alive and having children. Follow us Understanx feed. Beckett in the Theatre: But instead of reaching concreteness, a strengthening of their autonomous being, the characters of the play appear completely abstract in their indifference, in their lack of quality; unlike what the Existentialists hoped for once the subject frees itself from the shackles of authority religion, the state.

You and I, mean something! As long as we experience the dread that seeps between the lines of Endgameas long as we understand how much is at stake if we continue our path towards reification, not all is lost.

Utility, after all, deflagrates as soon as the thing is used up in its usage, so to speak. Look at the sea. Collier Books,pp. Silence is the death of language, the last consequence of senselessness, because there is no point of speaking about anything.


Adorno’s “Trying to Understand Endgame”

And comparison requires a reference point to assess and measure the resemblance between one thing and another and eventually prove them to be the same: T here is, Adorno says, a certain conceptual connection between Samuel Beckett and the Parisian Existentialists; not only due to their literary practice, but also due to their struggle with the category of the absurd as an expression of the modern crisis of sense.

Beckett, on the other hand, reflects the absurd on the formal level, because the loss of meaning will necessarily impair the possibility of performing and watching plays, just as it will impair the possibility of uttering meaningful sentences.

The unfinished toy-dog fulfils no function as a substitute. After all, if the subject is lost, how can we still speak of protagonists, antagonists, plots, decisions, feelings? Where do they fail? For example, direct democracy requires citizens that are not only capable to participate, but also capable of participating in political decisions, and it should therefore be interested in promoting good education for everyone, one that can teach its citizens to think independently in theory, that is ; on the other hand, the individuals need to make sure endtame this setup aorno not get corrupted, by participating in the political decision process and voting.

On Absurdity. Adorno, Beckett, and the Demise of Existentialism

As soon as the subject is no longer doubtlessly self-identical, no longer a closed structure of meaning, the line of demarcation with the exterior becomes blurred, and the situations of inwardness become at the same time a physical one.

Full text PDF Send by e-mail. The Republic of Silence. The lecture will take place undefstand Conference Auditorium 1, near the Edge. It is therefore not a necessity of thought or truth that leads us to the absurd, but in itself a historical tendency.


Language therefore becomes absurd edgame by silence, but by the paradox state where it speaks without speaking and therefore becomes truly senseless and empty.

If, on the other hand, individuality is a historical category, it becomes much more precarious; meaning, that had the resistance against totalitarianism umderstand, there would have come a point where rebellion was categorically impossible because the instance that could lead it, a subjectivity rising against all-embracing collectivity, would simply not exist anymore.

Drama as philosophical endgame? Sign in Get started.

On Absurdity. Adorno, Beckett, and the Demise of Existentialism

Because it is exactly the contraction of these various connections that allows engame to identify a concrete object, that makes a concrete object: Expressing the absurd is impossible, because if we try to do so, we need to assume the position of a subject that does the expressing; meanwhile the absurd endgsme to a condition, where the subject is disintegrated.

According to the philosopher, explaining the unexplainable was more or less the project of the Enlightenment.

The lines, when added up, do not constitute any sort of argument. Why do the Existentialists end up in this paradoxical situation? The seeds that have not sprouted are also offered as experimental proof that no renewal is possible.

Samuel Beckett and the Ends of Literature. But humanity might start from there all over again!

CLOV anguished, scratching himself: Adorno identifies three such formal levels, which we will analyse one by one: Looks like a small boy! Reduced to tools, the elements of nature are integrated into specific dynamics of profit inderstand power and are no longer able to unite in a universal synthesis.