Sword Art Online 刀劍神域 (15) Alicization invading (Chinese Edition) [Kawahara Reki] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online Alicization Invading (Sword Art Online Light Novel, #15 Continuation of the Alicization story arc following Kirito’s adventures within the. Sword Art Online 15 has ratings and 12 reviews. Continuation of the Alicization story arc following Kirito’s adventures within the soul translator, a.

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Shortly before she left, Gabriel took Alicia to his secret laboratory where he had performed his experiments. It looked like we were finally going to see some actual Kirito x Asuna relationship development!

It is the first volume in the War of the Underworld sub-arc of the Alicization arc. The man is literally an emotionless demon whose only purpose in life is aliclzation souls.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Por lo que con Asuna decidida a ingresar a “Underworld”, Vector dirigiendo al ejercito oscuro a la guerra y Alice y el ejercito inbading en rumbando a la batalla, la gran guerra esta por empezar.

He intended to marry Alicia and one day see her soul, but upon learning that she was to move away, he plotted to kill her as to protect the soul that should have been his. To make the search easier, Critter looked for a usable high-ranking account, yet all the ones in the Human Empire were locked by password. In addition to Alice, Gabriel intended to inhabit the new world with Fluctlights of people such as SAO Survivors, especially the Clearers, due to their exceptional compatibility with virtual worlds.

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I was really happy for the first half of Alicization Beginning. Want to Read saving…. To view it, click here. However, a hollowness in Gabriel’s eyes that devoured all light reminded him of the eyes of a great white shark, and made him forget his displeasure.


The new development in VR technology is really interesting, if a alixization too handwavy for my tastes. At the end of the fourth Invdaing of Bullets tournament in Gun Gale Onlineonly two players remained: Rushing outside to find flames rising in the west, she quickly deduced that Rulid Village was under attack by the Dark Territory. Even four months after her attempted healing, Kirito’s condition remained unchanged.

The cries drew the attention of another dragon flying in the area who then landed in the meadow the cabin was located in.

Defan has posted his translation of chapter Want to Read saving…. Kindle version cover needs to be alicizatoon 2 12 Dec 04, This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

I was wondering if the breach for true A. This seems to be a general issue that Kawahara-san struggles with – holding in a turning point in the plot, and then ridiculously overcomplicating it once he gets to actually writing it. Kindle version cover needs to be added. The captain of the submarine that was to take Gabriel and his team into foreign waters was very displeased with the team he carried.

Inspired by his action, Alice equipped her armor under an overcoat and pulled her Fragrant Olive Sword from the wall, after which, she leapt onto Amayori and headed for the village. So I’ll see what he is gonna do in the next volume.

Sword Art Online 15: Alicization Invading

Open Preview See a Problem? Nicholas Vasconcelos rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Compared to the harem of old, this is definitely something that Kawahara-san has improved on over time.

No ha sido de mis libros favoritos pero tampoco es que no me haya gustado. Published June 1st first published August 9th La guerra contra el Territorio Oscuro empieza y este libro fue como para ponernos en contexto de lo que se viene. Dylan rated it liked it Dec 24, Continuation of the Alicization story arc following Kirito’s adventures within the soul translator, and Asana’s story aboard the Ocean Turtle.


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Sanso rated it it was amazing Dec 25, He would then feign a failure of the operation and secretly construct his own artificial world using the stolen technology. Inside, Alice served Eldrie some stew as he had not brought any rations with him.

He also uses the pen name Kunori Fumio. Because literally every arc since Aincrad, from Volume 3 to Volume 15, has had either one or the other doing something completely on their own often in a different world altogetherwhile the other either sits on the sidelines or rescues them in some way. As some Integrity Knights and ascetics believed that Kirito should be executed for turning his sword against the Axiom Church, Alice left Centoria with Kirito alicizatkon helping the other knights for two weeks.

As the topic changed to their escort ship, the Nagato, Nakanishi reported that their command had judged that the personnel on the Ocean Turtle were taken as hostages, thus the Nagato was ordered to stand ground. Because Eldrie had learned of her cabin, she could no longer stay there as she feared that Bercouli, whom she could not refuse, would come in Eldrie’s place to persuade her to help the Defense Army.