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TNews was started by K.

These are all the God only knows. My family members are all eagerly waiting when will i come back to India. The other three national papers without Hyderabad editions have not been allocated any advertising. A private Loan lender and acorporate financier for real estate and any kinds of business financing. Even though he filed the case on me and he spoiled my life in Kuwait. Iam requesting to avoid such thing for money Since his party formed the government, these media houses have been receiving disproportionate amount of government advertisements.

Through this letter i inform that all above message when he filed case for claiming the amount KD 2, I discharged from the hospital a week after i came to my house. The major achievement of this channel is to expose the Governor of Andhra Pradesh ND Tiwari sex scandal leading to his resignation from the post of the Governor.

To; Contact Jagan Anna!!

I have full confidence that you will do favor for me through your department. I clearly and strongly informing you that the place in which the hotel is constructing is with out permission of the authorities.


If this source is denied, all the smaller jypthi will be wiped out of existence resulting in the monopoly of a few newspapers only.

Andhra Jyothi Epaper | Today’s Telugu Daily | AndhraJyothy Online Newspaper

Without any information, he closed the office. Finally i went with my lawyer to wajaratal shoon in hawalli for my releasing my pending salary to file the case on my andhrs.

I have sent all messages to the Government of Kuwait also. News Paper should be reflect in trasperent to their customers, they would be be couragious. Ma Mandala Dinesh Reddy. For the past 5 years i could not send money for my mother. Through this message i wish to inform you that kindly take steps to relieve me from Kuwait and also for my brightful future. That much i am suffering in all the ways, physically, financially, Mentally.

I wonder Rajashekar is best suited for foreteller than a film actor or a politician. Meanwhile i was doing business with my Sponsor. I was staying near about 17days. Thursday, June 11, 4: The government which derives these amounts from people is bound to use it for the benefit of the people without any discrimination … It should not use the large sums in its hands either to favour an individual or a particular group of individuals or refuse to make those funds available on illegitimate grounds … The purpose of issuing advertisements is to educate the public about the activities of the government, to promote its policies, and in cases where the government or government companies are carrying on business or trade, to advertise its wares.


E TV Andhra Pradesh. Andhra jyothi news paper – Telugu news paper.

Moreover he told me that all of our customers of housemaid office, the customers all are complained to the police, the house maids are ran away from our office and he told me customers are demanded the money due to lost of housemaid cost. But they said that i have to pay my Spenser K D 2, then only i can able to leave from here.

Article on JNTUK Examination Section in Andhra Jyothi News Paper

That places them second and third in receipts, after TNews. During that same period some of another office owners Kuwaitis told me to file the case on my sponsor.

I am living in Kuwait for the past 16 years. I don’t know how to live, how to run my life in Kuwait. If i die, the whole responsibility purely belongs to MR sulaiman who is the sponsor of me.