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The book is about the Trobriand people who live on the small Kiriwana island chain northeast of the island of New Guinea. I — The landscape. III—V Sociology of a large canoe masawa. Today, Argonauts of the Western Pacific is the archetypal account of anthropologists’ “following the people” method of collecting information for a multi-sited ethnography.

Their beliefs and practices do not by any means lack consistency of a certain type, and their knowledge of the outer world is sufficient to guide them in many of their strenuous enterprises and activities.

And, even granted that people usually do feel or think or experience certain psychological states in association with the performance of customary acts, the majority of them surely are not able to formulate these states, to put them into words. II — The division into Kula communities; the three types of Kula, with respect to this division. Jun 01, C.

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Seligman, however, supplements my personal acquaintance in so ;acific as the districts of Tubetube, Woodlark Island, the Marshall Bennets, and several others are concerned. This ideal imposes in the first place the fundamental obligation malinowskj giving a complete survey of the phenomena, and not of picking out the sensational, the singular, still less the funny and quaint. Privileged position of certain sub-clans.

The field Ethnographer has seriously and soberly to cover the full extent of the phenomena in each aspect of tribal culture studied, making no difference between what is commonplace, or drab, or ordinary, and what strikes him as astonishing and out-of-the-way. In observing ceremonies or other tribal events, such, for instance as the scene depicted in Plate IV, it is necessary, not only to note down those occurrences and details which are prescribed by tradition and custom to be the essential course of the act, but also the Ethnographer ought to record carefully and precisely, one after the other, the actions of the actors and of the spectators.

And only then, did I see the enormous deficiencies, which would show me where lay new problems, and lead me on to new work. That is the reason why, working under such conditions as previously described, the Ethnographer is enabled to add something essential to the bare outline of tribal constitution, and to supplement it by all the details of behaviour, setting and small incident.


Nicholas Smith rated it really liked it Apr 02, In this respect, magic is exactly on the same footing with the sciences, bronlslaw which it is the bastard sister. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

It must be remembered that as the natives saw me constantly every day, they ceased to be interested or alarmed, or made self-conscious by my presence, and I ceased to be a disturbing element in the tribal life which I was to study, altering it by my very approach, as always happens with a new-comer to every savage community. And if, side by side with the normal and typical, pacifif ethnographer carefully notes the slight, or the more pronounced deviations from it, he will be able to indicate the two extremes within which the normal moves.

Psychological analysis of this magic.

Argonauts of the western Pacific ( edition) | Open Library

It would be absurd, for example, to stigmatise pharmacy as pacofic, because a knowledge of the properties of drugs is padific employed to destroy men as well as bronislaaw heal them. As the evening approaches, the life becomes more active, fires are kindled, and the natives busy themselves cooking and eating food.

In Ethnography, argonajts a candid account of such data is perhaps even more necessary, it has unfortunately in the past not always been supplied with sufficient generosity, and many writers do not ply the full searchlight of methodic sincerity, as they move among their facts and produce them before us out of complete obscurity. V — Chieftainshippower through wealth; a plutocratic community.

Uses of synoptic charts. This spelling suits the sounds of the Melanesian languages of New Guinea sufficiently well. Malinowski has asked me to write a preface to his book, and I willingly comply with his request, though I can hardly think that any words of mine will add to the value of the remarkable record of anthropological research which he has given us in this volume.

Some magical texts of canoe building and Kula magic obtained. In the same way, in studying the conspicuous acts of tribal life, such as ceremonies, rites, festivities, etc.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific

But observe and fix the data of their behaviour, and at once the degree of vitality of the act will become clear. The accent is almost always on the penultimate, rarely on the anti-penultimate. The magical bundle lilava. But before proceeding with our subject, it will be good to give a short but more detailed sketch of each of these tribes. Many other anthropologists also trace the fieldwork mandate back to Malinowski, including Murray Wax:.

But is this possible? I — Sailing, and trading in the South Seas; the Kula. Refresh and try again. Some significant appearances and their deeper meaning. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.


As said in the Preface, financially I owe most to Mr. The research which has been done on native races by men of academic training has proved beyond doubt and cavil that scientific, methodic inquiry can give us results far more abundant and of better quality than those of even the best amateur’s work.

The main concern of this classic text is a careful study of the Kula, the extensive and complex trading system maintained by natives of the Trobriand Islands, between themselves and neighboring islanders. I — The uvalaku ceremonial expedition from Dobu to Southern Boyowa: Without trying to cut or untie this knot, that is to solve the problem theoretically, or to enter further into the field of general methodology, I shall make directly for the question of practical means to overcome some of the difficulties involved.

Moreover, if, like a trader or a missionary or an official he enters into active relations with the native, if he has to transform or influence or make use of him, this makes a real, unbiassed, impartial observation impossible, and precludes all-round sincerity, at least in the case of the missionaries and officials.

No wonder, therefore, that on approaching their coast travelling on that occasion in a small launch I scanned the landscape with keen interest, anxious to catch my first glimpse of natives, or of their traces.

Malinowski’s book which makes the most abiding impression on the mind of the reader. II — The ordinary trade carried on between these communities.

The initiative of my expedition was given by him and I owe him more than I can express for the encouragement and scientific counsel which he has so generously given me during the progress of my work in New Guinea. Rigged out in cast-off garments of Mr. As I went on my morning walk through the village, I could see intimate details of family life, of toilet, cooking, taking of meals; I could see the arrangements for the day’s work, people starting on their errands, or groups of men and women busy at some manufacturing tasks see Plate III.

We learn much about the framework of their society, but within it, we cannot perceive or imagine the realities of human life, the even flow of everyday events, the occasional ripples of excitement over a feast, or ceremony, or some singular occurrence.