CH C C20 C C CH CH CHA ALPHA CHE .. General Plant/Equipment Reactors – Alloy Atmos Press Bottlers Generator Skôr ako uvediete spotrebi do prevádzky Preítajte si, prosím, pozorne návod na.

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Cover their complete surface and front faces so that no cinder may fall behind them. If need be, a thermoregulatory valve set to a higher temperature E. Before re-installing the nod, it is necessary to clean the combustion area from ashes and tars etc.

Advantages Installing the boiler with accumulation tanks provides several advantages: Afterwards keep withdrawing heat from the storage utilising the three-way valve for a period of time corresponding to the size of accumulation tanks and the external temperature. Set the setting handle to the temperature read on the boiler thermometer. For the heating system regulation we recommend regulation elements provided by the following companies: Place paper or wood wool on top of the kindling, then another layer of kindling and larger amount of dry wood.

CAUTION — when operating the boiler, all doors must be fully closed and the ignition valve pulling rod must be pushed in – otherwise the ventilator S may sustain damage. When in operation, always check that the boiler doors and cleaning apertures are well sealed — always tighten them well. GB Hot-water boiler 2.

The connection with Laddomat 21 is considerably easier and therefore, we recommend it. Inlets 1 and 3 always remain open.

Návod k obsluze

Person responsible for the inspection: Do not leave parts replacement for the last moment; prepare your boiler for the heating season as early as in spring.

They should only be operated by adults. By turning the screw by 1 turn anticlockwise the secondary air inlet opens up by 1. Laddomat 21 GB With its construction, Laddomat 21 replaces the traditional connection composed of individual parts. Boiler corrosion protection Fuel heating capacity Wood – type Spruce Pine Birch Birch Beech kcal Heating capacity per 1 kg kJoule kWh 4,5 4,4 4,3 4,2 4,0 Raw wood does not burn easily, produces a lot of smoke and substantially decreases the service life of your boiler and chimney.

  ASTM D4294 PDF

The boilers have the primary and secondary air pre-heated to a high temperature. The boiler must always be installed in a way which prevents overheating and subsequent damage even during a power cut. Leave long pieces of wood which have not fully combusted in the hopper for the next time the boiler is used. In order to prevent excessive smoke formation, load new batch of fuel only after the previous fuel has combusted to at least one third of the loading volume.

The guarantee period for other parts remains unaffected. Setting the boiler output and combustion Boiler types C18S – C40S with an extraction ventilator Basic setting of primary-secondary air ratio The regulation is carried out by either pulling out or retracting the regulating pulling rod.

Slide the grating tube back in position and place the individual segments back on it, one by one. Wood and coal may be burnt separately or together. Cover the glowing charcoals with a broad log and add coal or other fuel.

If the boilers are out of operation during wintertime, a risk of water freezing in the system arises. Setting the required water temperature for d20s building is always achieved by means of a three-way mixing valve.

Condensation will disappear later.

Then remove the front cover and the grating lever. They have a cylindrical surface attached to them. The boilers are equipped with an extraction ventilator the advantage of which is that at the fuel loading stage the smoke generation is reduced.

The boiler is set to optimal operating parameters by the manufacturer. Control thermostat for boiler 7 6 3 5. GB Indicative values of the chimney cross-section dimensions: Then remove the door and slightly turn the screw with a righthand thread, as necessary. Area for electronic regulation of the heating system 92x mm Description: They save both – the physical effort and also the time dedicated to these operations.


Otherwise, the ventilator S may sustain damage. In other situations, only let water out if absolutely necessary and keep without water for as little time as possible. The setting is the same for burning coal or wood. Connecting boilers to the electric network GB Boilers are to be connected to a V, 50 Hz electric network by means of an electric cord with or without a plug.

The higher the temperature of water returning to nfod boiler, the fewer tars and acids condensing; which damage the boiler. It is necessary to determine the best setting. The output draught regulator adjustment should be performed carefully as it regulates the output and protects the boiler from overheating.

Dismantling procedure of the grating mechanism itself: After the last segment has been attached and the qtmos has been seated into the rear of the boiler, check that the grating has a side play of 5 — 7 mm. Place the kindling perpendicularly to the channel recess in the shaped piece so that a 2 — 4cm gap between the channels and fuel is created; which allows the waste gas passage.

Návod k obsluze – Spotřebiče

Connection of these elements is illustrated in the wiring diagram. The chimney draught is directly dependent on its cross-section, height and the inner wall ruggedness.

Heatproof shaped piece — rear face with a rearward recess GB www. A claim to provide a guarantee period repair shall be made by the customer at the service company.

Installation may only be carried out by persons trained by the manufacturer. It is because the boiler has certain momentum.