Lab supply | First online laboratory shop, and selling where new features were introduced. practice. Instrumental factor must be checked. Chema Diagnostica will not be responsible for instrumental bad programming. Mindray BAA. Mindray) owns the intellectual property rights to this Mindray product and this manual. This manual may refer to information protected by copyrights or patents.

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And Fluid and then select Filter wheel home position to enter the following screen. System Installation System Installation Basic Make sure the installation site of the hospital meet the system installation requirements on space, power supply and environment.

Mindray – BAA Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

For more details please refer to 5. Microplate reader MRA Mindray. Troubleshooting This chapter presents all warning messages bba-88a recommended corrective actions, which should be taken ha-88a time once any error occurs. The software on CPU extension board that should be upgraded: MCU and FPGA outputs motor control signal, which can control the step motor of the filter wheel via step motor driver circuit.

Enter text from picture: Factory price Mindray touch screen baa semi-auto chemistry analyzer with User-friendly interface. Replacement of the peristaltic pump should be followed with flow volume calibration this is not for system configured with cuvette. User-friendly interface and multi-language operation software. Wash the tubing with distilled water or DI water before shutting down the analyzer for instrument installed with flow ba8-8a.

Finally, it will be output at the inputting end of the AD converter through selectable switch.

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External keyboard or mouse support via USB. Enclosure Assembly refrigeration plate, lamp cable and the connection cable of analogue board. This Chemistry Analyzer is semi auto clinical and semi-automatic.


Page 10 Preventing Personal Injury Caused by Photometer Lamp Please observe the following instructions to prevent personal injury caused by photometer lamp. After calibration is completed, calibration formula can not be gained, but the previous calibration formula can be used to calculate the formula and the test will not be affected.

More products from this supplier. Number of Employees Upto 10 People. After opening the package, check the delivered goods against the packing list.

Mindray 7inch touch screen medical biochemistry analyzer BAA Semi-Auto chemistry analyzer price for hospital mindrsy lab. The replacement of lamp assembly is shown in the following picture. Page 29 surface of the lamp base.

And the following screen will be displayed: The colorimetric analysis is realized through the combination of optical collimating, mono-color filter, mechanical parts and software, hardware module. Enter the password—analyzer and click OK. Service and Maintenance To ensure reliability, good performance and service life of the system, regular maintenance is required.

Open the optical window cover, use cross screw driver to unscrew the screws on the lamp replacement window cover. Software List Figure System minsray of the software 5. Please wear the glove to protect the circuit boards from ESD or release the charge first when you detach the circuit boards. Page 67 After mounting the pump shell, install the pump head on the pump.

Chemistry Analyzer BA-88A Mindray medical equipment

Sectra enters South Korean market mindeay signing digital pathology distribution agreement with HuminTec. RSC Hard disk the disk on which the software is installed: Photometer assembly includes lamp assembly, lamp base assembly, flow cell assembly and other components, which are used to position and install the optical components, thermal components and analogue board. Click Maintenance on the main screen of the instrument.


Maintenance of the system, except for replacing the assemblies or components other than lamp assemblies will involve the assembly and disassembly of the photometer assembly as a whole.

If data management software or test and maintaenance software is used on PC, please make sure the configuration of the PC meet the system requirement. Don’t show me this message again. Component Structure and Functions 3. Pull the wire out and you can see the wire joint connecting the lamp assembly, with one end connecting to the lamp and the other end connecting to the inside of the instrument.

Install all the boards back and ensure all the connections are well connected; Small laboratories; Pet hospitals Features: I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Click start and a dialog box notifying the user to shut down lower computer communication will be displayed. To ensure the voltage meet the requirement, it is necessary to adjust it.

View Contact Call Seller Now. If the optical surface of the flow cell is contaminated, use cloth soaked with certain amount of absolute alcohol to clean it. Replacing The Tubing Restart the system.

Page 62 After upgrading is completed, a dialog box will pop up to notify the user to restart. Medicus announces diagnostic-data mobility initiative Medicusa Vienna-based digital health company, is proud to announce