eDocs Home > BEA WebLogic Server Documentation > WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions. WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions. Awesome Weblogic Interview questions to help you |How to access the Oracle WebLogic Server is J2EE Server (earlier known as BEA. BEA WebLogic Interview Questions and Answers. What is BEA Weblogic? BEA WebLogic is a J2EE application server and also an HTTP web server by BEA.

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The thresholds are simply settings that when exceeded cause a message to be logged to wenlogic console to let you know that you are falling behind. Is there any possibility for starting managed server during the absence of administrator server? You can set quotas on individual destinations or on a server as a whole. No special options are needed.

Does Weblogic Jms Support Clustering? Transient fields will simply be ignored. Http Session State Clustering b. What happens when a failure occurs and the stub cannot connect to a WebLogic Server instance? Some of the third party load — balancers are BigIP, resonate, local niterview and Alteon.

The major reasons that lead to the server hang are memory leak, deadlock, and long time for returning.

How to design your resume? If an object is clustered, instances of the object are deployed on all WebLogic Servers in the cluster. The reason the create and find methods weblogoc not polymorphic is similar to the reason constructors are not polymorphic in Java. Save your changes and exit the text editor.


This will update the fileRealm. By default, max-beans-in-free-pool has no limit; the maximum number of beans weblogix the free pool is limited only by the available memory. You can get multiple subscribers on the same connection and get concurrent processing using multiple sessions.

This stub contains the list of available server instances that host implementations of the object.

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When the failure occurs, the stub intreview the failed server instance from its list. There are various capabilities associated with WebLogic server and they are Changes in dynamic configuration Production application redeployment Rolling upgrades Question How do stubs work in a WebLogic Server cluster? Clients that connect to a WebLogic Server cluster and look up a clustered object obtain a replica-aware stub for the object.

It depends on what you want to do. Oracle 11g Practice Tests. An Integer is returned if the value has a zero-valued fractional component and the value can be represented by an integer.

WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions

All non-transient, non-serializable fields except some special types should be set to null. To ensure concurrency, change the weblogic-ejb-jar. The reason the create and find methods are not polymorphic is similar to the reason constructors are not polymorphic in Java.

The staging directory of target servers is ignored for no-stage deployments.


The proper application response to a resource exception is not to retry the request in a tight loop, which would tie up execute threads on the server. This condition creates much complexity associated with the method compared to unicast. How Can Cluster Communication Occur?

40 Important Weblogic Interview questions

No, there’s no way to allow a request to wait for a pool connection, and from the system point of view there should not be. Previously, only concurrent processing for Queues was supported.

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So, you can use the port number in the properties that you pass to the getConnection method or, in case of connection pools, you can specify the port property in the following properties: All primitive type fields should be set to null Choices A, B and D are correct. It is a kind of clustering system where there is no cluster master and each and every server needs to ping each other for informing their existence.

The creator of the TemporaryTopic and the subscriber must be one in the same. T3 is a superset of Java Object.