Bernadette Mayer’s «Midwinter Day»: Dream of the («Extra»)Ordinary. 1. Imagining her self or, more specifically, how words have the power to give texture and. Midwinter Day [Bernadette Mayer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Perhaps Bernadette Mayer’s greatest work, Midwinter Day was written. I had an idea to write a book that would prove the day like the dream has everything in it.” — Bernadette Mayer, Midwinter Day Today marks.

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For me, Midwinter Day did just that, and the result was profoundly unsettling. The melding of mldwinter and low art converges in this section through her descriptions and allusions to books. At the same time, Mayer again links the difficulty of recreating any story with the threat of extinction in the natural world. Her words move, her thoughts don’t hesitate, and in my opinion, there is certainly music in the lines.

Mayer then turns bernadtte entire dag into an opportunity to explore the nature of rage and love. There are passages on just about every page that leave me in absolute awe of the poet. In an attempt to write down every thought she has in a single day, Bernadette ends up getting sidetracked down different alleys of memory and belief, her personal life intrudes on the purity of her mental life, and the two blend together into a sort of philosophical soup.

This isn’t confessional is as much a testament to choosing to use many pens to document life, the town’s life, her memory’s life, and the world’s life circa She returns as well to the rhyming seen in part one. Mayer returns to her rhyming from part one as well as her imitation of classical forms with the pentameter lines of this final quatrain.

Mayer draws a parallel between writing and life through this example showing that the everyday is not only what makes up our lives, but ultimately also what makes up poetry as well.

Review – Bernadette Mayer, ‘Midwinter Day’

She even notes the paradox integral to her own experiment: She does it repeatedly. Jul 26, Mitch rated it it was amazing. Refresh and try again. From the bedroom, curtains blue as ink I stare at, red Godard floor white walls all crayoned, from the bed raised on cinder blocks at Dr.

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Nov 07, angela rated it liked it Shelves: She questions her own writing practice as it has been revealed within this poem: And on it goes for another page and a half of unbroken prose, this careful and loving scrutiny of the messy but vibrant domestic space.

Review – Bernadette Mayer, ‘Midwinter Day’ – third year poetry project

The idea of portraying an ordinary family day allows the reader to relate. So, the night time becomes the literal place and time of writing for Mayer, the day makes up the context but the act of writing itself occurs at night once the children have gone to bed. A really poignant, and simultaneously fiery, portrait of a single day.

The dream imagery is constantly interrupted by an awareness of the experiment of recording the dreams as well as attempts to interpret and contextualise the imagery. She shot one roll for every day in the month of July, In the end, I appreciated Mayer’s calling, her ability to address many things on the blank page.

The fiction of the book leads the reader to imagine that the whole poem is constructed while the day goes on, but in fact the writer needs the time and solitude to recollect and arrange the events that make up the poem.

When the day turns to night and Mayer ends the epic poem, we don’t really know what was particularly significant or meaningful about December 22nd. The question is, do you find Bernadette Mayer’s mind midwunter be interesting enough to spend pages of free verse modernist poetry with. Death, maybe brought on by the initial dream, seems to haunt this opening piece: I know Mayer’s heart was in the right place — and I’ll probably receive a Christmas lump of coal for pointing this out — but this is one long droning proto-yuppie diary entry utterly devoid of mystery, music, strangeness, or ambiguity.

Midwinter Day by Bernadette Mayer

The multiple forms and genres strengthen one another and compliment each other, making her work more than a poem, but a piece of art. Often, after a year or so, it becomes one of my favourite works. There is a sense of relief that the poem is both finished and the writer can sleep as well as relief that the family has avoided death on this long night. The child is described in terms msyer to a mythic creature, as choleric as Circe or Athena: Definitely a book that needs two readings at least to feel that you’ve been fair to it.


Midwinter Day is an epic poem that describes the events of one Midwinter Day, from dreams in the morning to thoughts at night.

I write of bribery and surgery. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Midwinter Day [Excerpt]

I used to know a woman who’s the woman who married Neil Simon. So, The Tiny, Tawny Kitten is as much a part of the makeup daay this poem as the Egyptian dayy American Indian mythology books discussed or references to poet Anne Bradstreet.

As I read through Midwinter Day for the second time, I began to realize that my own approach to literature was founded upon untried assumptions, that it was steeped in ideology.

The list form emerges again as she draws a mental picture of their surroundings: This is from the first section which is miewinter about waking up from dreams: At least to me. I waiver to give it three or four stars. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Mayer has a strong sense of voice, however it’s not one that I can personally cope with.

Brenadette course the image is completely inverted as the voice calling out is a woman anxious to xay if she has left anything out of the poem and instead of crucifixion the narrator has maeyr forsaken for joy. In part four, Mayer returns to her interest in what a story is and how stories are constructed. The experiment, leads the reader through December 22, from the dreaming world to waking and back again, proves that the self is not the subject in this poem, but rather it is language and words and how this day in particular is shaped by them.