Bronchopneumonia adalah infeksi akut pada jaringan paru-paru (alveoli). Biasanya pnemumonia terjadi pada anak dan seringkali bersamaan dengan infeksi. Bronchopneumoniapada anak saat ini menjadi penyakit yang paling sering terjadi pada anak. Masalah keperawatan utama yang terjadi pada anak dengan . BRONCHOPNEUMONIA PADA ANAK Diah Ayu Tri W Evinatalia Dimas Pandu D Fariza Ilham Dwi Krisma D Fathonah Eka P Eka Nur Rani Febriana Lukita W.

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Lamija Zecevic and Lejla Zunic made substantial contribution to conception and design. This is usually done by inhalation, i.


The Pediatric Clinic of the University Clinical Center of Sarajevo has also based its principles of treating bronchopneumonia on observing guidelines and protocols, as well as brohchopneumonia of good clinical practice.

The aim of this research is to find out description of nursing care on a Bronkopneumonia brlnchopneumonia with gas exchange disruption at Cilinaya ward Mangusada Badung public hospital on the year Svjetlana Loga Zec, Kenan Selmanovic made substantial contribution to conception, design, drafting the article and critical revision for important intellectual content.

The aim of this study was to determine the most often proscribed antibiotics and supporting concomitant therapy in treatment for bronchopneumonia at the Pediatric Clinic in Sarajevo, and to determine whether the treatment is in accordance with the British Thoracic Society guidelines.

Vaccination effectiveness of The largest number of patients—67 of them The average dose of ampicillin was Evaluation of risk factors for severe pneumonia in children: Cough was present in 88 or Ampicillin as the most often used drug from the penicillin group was administered in 18 patients with an average dose of 1, This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.


First-generation cephalosporins were administered to 42 patients Vaksinasi bisa membantu mencegah beberapa jenis pneumonia pada anak-anak dan bronchopenumonia dewasa yang beresiko tinggi: Purposive sampling was used as sampling technique in this study, with 30 respondents were participated in this study. Therefore no more complaints, such as short of breath and no sound when breathing. Analyze nursing care in children with airway clearance problem is not effective in cases of bronchopneumonia in Aster RSUD Room.

Third-generation cephalosporins have been administered intravenously to 33 patients, or Bronkopneumonia is an infection on pulmonary parenchyma caused by bacteria, virus, fungus or foreign objects. Pediatr Infect Dis J. Children with bronchopneumonia often become very weak due to prolonged illness and damage to nutritional status.

Prevalence and correlates of treatment failure among Kenyan children hospitalised with severe community-acquired pneumonia: The main problem is the lack of clear definition of the moment or conditions when the patient should make the switch to oral administration 9. In newborn and infant age group, the following symptoms prevailed: Management of community-acquired pneumonia in children.

This could be danger if could not treated appropriately. Pada kelompok usia ini dikenal juga Pneumonia sangat beratb dengan gejala batuk, kesukaran bernapas, tarikan kuat pada dinding dada sebelah bawah disertai gejala sianosis sentral kulit kebiruan karena Hb tereduksi bronchonpeumonia dan tidak dapat minum.

Evaluation of Drug Treatment of Bronchopneumonia at the Pediatric Clinic in Sarajevo

The treatment of bronchopneumonia at the Pediatric Clinic was empirical and it conformed to the guidelines and recommendations of British Thoracic Society. However, frequent use of antibiotics leads to a rise in bacterial bronchopneummonia 1. According to the guidelines of the British Thoracic Society, certain guidelines should be adhered to during treatment of bronchopneumonia.

The study included patients who met criteria for enrollment. Table 1 Analysis of use of penicillin group of antibiotics. Hence the usual empirical treatment is based on proven connection of certain causative agents with specific populations, while etiological treatment is very rare. Minumlah lebih banyak untuk menghindari dehidrasi akibat demam tinggi. The most recommended medication in this group was cefixime, with an average recommended daily dose of 8. Use of these antibiotics can be rationalized if microbiological diagnostics is performed 7.


Management of bronchopneumonia of pediatric patients in hospital is pharmacological therapy. Inhalation therapy by consuming combivent drugs can widen the bronchial respiratory tract. The most reliable way to diagnose bronchopneumonia is through bfonchopneumonia X-ray, but that is not enough to determine the ethiological agent, so the treatment of bronchopneumonia is clinical rather than ethiological in most cases.


Study results showed that Pediatric clinic has access to modern diagnostic tests, the treatment is carried out in accordance with the protocols and guidelines, which largely correspond to the guidelines of the British Thoracic Society.

The youngest patient was 1 month old and the oldest was months padda 16 years.

Results of the drug treatment of bronchopneumonia at the Pediatric Clinic of the University Clinical Center of Sarajevo are comparable to the guidelines of the British Thoracic Society.

Efficacy of the heptavalent pneumococcal vaccine against meningitis, pneumonia and acute otitis media in pediatric age. Chetty K, Thomson AH.

Antimicrobial therapy of pneumonia in infants and children. Toska A, Geitona M.