CA – Report Painter | SAP TRAINING COURSES. CA BO – Reporting with SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions for SAP NetWeaver BW | SAP. Goals. Explain the relationship between and configure a reporting table, library, report, and report group; Create your own Report Painter reports. SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP) Training. Report Painter ( CAv) · SAP ERP Financial Master Data (WNAMD2-v) · Report Writer .

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Key figure Cost element C. The controlling area contains the constant value Update Format Group 2 Information? Build a report which provides the following information. The report should have the following appearance.

For participants who want to extend their knowledge of the functions for creating reports and who want to learn more about the Report Writer, we recommend course CA Advanced Functions of the Report Writerwhich teaches additional, more complex functions of the Report Writer. Hide Personnel Costs Row? Name your column ca7705 Z -APV. Direct labor costs Ind.


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Structure of a Report Painter Report? To do this, set the Append Report flag under output control. Check whether the variation is active for the cost center dril-down? What impact does this have on the input screen? Define Column 2 – Plan Costs?

Employee Telephone costs Square meters Stat. Use the library Z again Instructions for defining the report Z3 Total Employee Section 3: Build the basic and single dimension sets for this diagram.

Notes on Financial Analytics Courses The courses were designed for employees and project team members from the relevant user departments who need to create financial reports. Create background job User: Section 2 Section Postn.

Name the report Z2 and assign it to report group Z2.

Check and Save the Report? XXX Column model stat.

FGI4 split P/L statement by cost center

Expand the whole line Drill-down. Create Z5 by copying Z4 Define Column 1 – Actual Costs? Column Basic key figures Characteristics Characteristics: Create a new report that focuses on the cost elements. Cost elements Direct labor costs Ind. Current page, Text for export: Define Formula Variance Column?


The characteristics, basic key figures and key figures that you require are listed as below: Amnt Structure of a Report Painter Rep. Build a new report Z4 using your new model.