Can Life Prevail?, the latest book by Finnish environmentalist Pentti Linkola, provides a radical yet firmly grounded perspective on the ecological problems. PDF | On Jan 1, , PHILIP CAFARO and others published Can Life Prevail? A Revolutionary Approach to the Environmental Crisis by Pentti Linkola. Pentti Linkola Kaarlo Pentti Linkola was born in Helsinki, Finland in Having spent most of his life working as a professional fisherman.

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He makes the important point that managed woodland is not ancient natural woodland and that the picture of Finland as green and pleasant hides a more complex reality.

Reviewing Finnish society Linkola identifies a malaise that has ripped apart society where mechnaisation has destroyed real work, purpose, culture and self pride. Lack of proper research except his personal experiences to back up the major claims he made in his essays, such as distortion of the facts on deforestation by the Department of Forestry Research of Finland and WWF for the financial and industrial interests and the suggestion to stop investing medical technology, research and human labor in saving the lives of infants and mothers and instead, channel them towards the care for the elderly citizens who are wiser and more useful to the society.

Feb 20, Greg Paulson rated it liked it. But we are either ignorant or reluctant to point out the main factors driving this. The best thing reading ‘Can life Prevail’ has done for me is to get me thinking more seriously about environmental issues which so often get sidetracked in almost every arena but particularly in racialist circles despite having a presence among a few members.

Teemu rated it really liked it Oct 24, Transportation frequencies have been increased, and increasingly expensive equipment must be used. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Milla rated it really liked it May 14, Sep 24, Karin rated it really liked it.

The best of The Public square: The Protection of Animals Vs. Author Pentti Linkola is something of a cult figure in Deep Ecology who has collected some interesting bedfellows and supporters along the way. The result is that the price of fish rose, while the fishermen made less money. Manufacturing should be state-owned, producing only high-quality products that are necessary. Also that of frail men and tough women is not a myth, but an established fact of human life, hence, granting women as the protectors of Life.


Particularly, his call to “eliminate competition” between humans is completely unrealistic and not even desirable in my opinion. His viewpoints on ecology and sustainability range from everyday life to suggesting alternative societal systems instead of the current destructive ones.

Pentti Linkola

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Some interesting parts good and prescient points van cats as destroyers of ecosystems – see Australiaa lot of ‘it is obvious that’, ‘everyone can see that’ to support his more extreme points, culminating in a ‘how I see the perfect state system’ that’s mostly just a wishlist ‘produced things will be sturdy and last for a long time!

Linkola grew up in Helsinki, spending his lkfe in the countryside at the farm of his maternal grandfather Hugo Suolahti. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. But there’s a lot I agree with, too. The single saving grace is that it is well-written and in small, digestible chunks.

He has no car, running water, computer, or electronic products. What mysticism, what black magic can allow such creatures lin,ola possess full human rights? This would be a sensible way to diminish the population of the world, without hurting anybody.

Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola

Aarne P-K rated it liked it Jul 19, Mencken Tito Perdue Savitri Devi. Nov 26, Kevin Michael rated it it was amazing. Jack Donovan Anthony M. Linkola at his best is making broad statements about humanity, over-population, liberalism, the market economy, and democracy.

Pentti Linkola’s ‘Can Life Prevail?’: Book Review

While he no doubt has some valid points, all amply illustrated by example, especially pentgi own trade as a fisherman, those who would join him in a return to the days of old are few. He poses the question: His father Kaarlo Linkola was a botanist and phytogeographer and the Rector of Helsinki Universityand his paternal grandfather had worked as the chancellor of that same university. Today, he is among the foremost exponents of the philosophy of deep ecology. But to Linkola, the grocery store windows plastered with sale prices are ugly:.


For example, suicide rate is lower now, and a big part of the people are considerably poorer in Finland today.

Arktos Media, Pentti Linkola is an environmentalist who practices what he preaches. Besides, the people of wealthy countries are the most frustrated, unemployed, unhappy, suicidal, sedentary, worthless and aimless people in history.

With essays covering topics as diverse as animal rights, extinction, deforestation, terrorism and overpopulation, Can Life Prevail? Besides, the people of wealthy countries are the most frustrated, unemployed, unhappy, suicidal, sedentary, worthless and aimless people in history. Liberal democracy does not appeal to Linkola who welcomes facets of dictatorship and authoritarianism without really acknowledging their demonstrable failings to bring about any of the positive results he seems to hope they might.

Pentti Linkola – Wikiquote

Aug 10, Philipp rated it it was ok. Published April 1st by Inner Traditions first published September Would I recommend this book?

Pentti Linkola in Like many environmentalists, Linkola is opposed to massive third-world immigration into Western countries, due to the increased environmental destruction a modern lifestyle causes: They may end up dying painfully, as in nature, or it may be relatively painless. While many are likely to find some of his statements outrageous and repugnant for example his positive spin on the attack on the WTC such views can help illustrate the complete disregard the majority of humanity have for even worse crimes and slaughter which passes for normal, acceptable and a price worth paying to sustain our unsustainable “civilisation”.

However, it’s totally unnecessary to say them.

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