Please note that north is indicated on the maps (two maps, because of their size and aspect, have been rotated to better fit the constraints of this book). However. This is the third expansion to the Castle of the Mad Archmage megadungeon adventure. In this adventure, the characters are catapulted to a. Castle of the Mad Archmage is a lot of fun, let’s get that out in the open first. It’s a big layer cake maze of monsters and treasures and tricks and.

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Some of the rooms feel like playing death dice – 1d6, on a 1 you die, on a 6 you get treasure. It feels like the cohesive whole is to unite the disparate stories of Castle Greyhawk, but that’s not doing it for me. This is especially true given that it attempts a truly Herculean task, conjuring up the archetypal superdungeon that was arxhmage long anticipated, but which, sadly, we’ll never see in the form its creator intended.

They were greeted with one of the details in Castle of the Mad Archmage that elevates it into being something really worth running: The big issue I see is the number of staircases interconnecting Level 1, 2, and 3. I feel like I’m just taking chances instead of honing my skills.

However, something of CotMA’s size and complexity needs exactly what you say: Funding period Jan 1, – Jan 29, 28 days. It’s not just the “get to the bottom of this” issue so much as – like I said – it just seems so random, and that every door we open is just betting our character’s lives that it’s not some deathtrap.

The Castle of the Mad Archmage

I love those sorts of detail. This makes me sure I won’t buy this adventure. We assume that’s down deeper, just because the rules generally say so. One of our fans has suggested that we set a stretch goal to come out with a print edition of one of our earlier adventures, Cadtle Circus.

The bugbears closed the door in a hurry after the trolls were slain, though! I heard a little about Isle of the Unknown. With COTMA the drive is merely to drive to keep playing and leveling, not level in the quest to do more things in the game world.


Dungeon Fantastic: Castle of the Mad Archmage actual play reflections

A lot of the traps and dangerous places felt like they pop up without warning, so there isn’t anything useful to do to avoid them. I still like COTMA, but I just feel like it needs a bit less random silliness, a bit more tension, and a lot more clues to help piece it together as a whole. It’s available in print or pdf:. I would be disappinted to have an adventure just be a random set of encounters when it ended.

Castle of the Mad Archmage: Musicland by BRW Games, LLC — Kickstarter

Ships to Anywhere in the world. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Norman Harman September 9, at 8: The group were a little taken aback when a pair of trolls arrived behind them and attacked, and even more surprised when, as they fought the first two trolls, a secret door opened to reveal two more trolls — who charged Latud the Magic-User. It’s dangerous, for sure. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

And that’s kind of too castl. The tense bits are there, and some of the sections have been really entertaining like the wizard fight or the lizard man brawl.

Aside from sending in sacrificial prisoners and waiting to see what happens, it feels like we’re just betting our characters that we’ve randomly selected a room that isn’t a deathtrap or trick to try and open. Although I misread the entry and described him, initially, as appearing more like an Efreeti; I just had his form change as the discussion went on to emphasise his otherworldly nature. Perhaps use one of the dungeon generators to make a large first level dungeon and go from there.

It’s available in print or pdf: The next expansion for the hit Castle of the Mad Archmage megadungeon setting. Big rooms full of beetles? Arcumage would only cause a delay in completion.

The megadungeon in question is Castle of the Mad Archmage by Joseph Bloch, which he wrote after Gary Gygax was prevented from completing Castle Zagyg by his untimely death. What’s more, there was an impetus to clear the dungeon and complete the quest, because, well, we were the ones there and it damn well needed to be done.


I’m not sure what the point is. We can’t look sadly at each other and say, castlw should have been more careful” because careful doesn’t seem to help any. I’d really like to run COTMA, but for some reason the idea of coming up with the ruins and level 1 kind of intimidate me. It should at least be clear to the GM what the big picture is, and what the little pieces there might castlle there for. So, as this campaign is somewhat built around megadungeons, using this one here seemed like a good idea.

Email Required, but never shown. Having played with Tenkar with other adventures, I know it’s the source material that’s what’s throwing me here. I’d like to see some examples that I could either use as written or just use as a basis for inspiration.

Castle of the Mad Archmage

But maybe even an excellent pastiche of what worked for the hobby as a dungeon back in just isn’t for us, here in Something to pull us down deeper, something to drive our understanding of the place so learning gains us some in-game ability to avoid its tricks and traps instead of just hope for the best and see what falls on our heads for opening a door. We can’t piece together clues because we don’t feel atchmage we’re finding clues, only random stuff.

In game, they serve to pull me out of game, because there isn’t teh connection to some larger series of tests. Even all of that crazed chaotic mix-up would feel okay if we felt like traps, tricks, and weirdness had clues and themes. Not only will the adventurers need to navigate this strange and deadly place, but they will need to figure out a way home, as well.

Why are the beetles there? IotU feels too disconnected to me. They are hexcrawls with a theme. That is, it doesn’t seem to hang together in a way that indicates archhmage overarching sense.

That elevator room door, and the elevator room?