Home HISTORY THE NGONI MIGRATION (O LEVEL) EFFECTS OF NGONI They caused wide spread loss of lives leading to depopulation in some areas. The Ngoni migration was primarily caused by Shaka’s expansionist wars. He had embarked on an a vigorous policy of expanding his empire at the expense of. Explain the causes of the Ngoni migration. Reasons for the Ngoni migration. The Ngoni migrated due to the tyrannical and dictatorial rule of.

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Initially, there was population increase in Southern Tanzania where Ngoni settled. Another splinter group moved to Newala, Masasi and Tunduru. What were the things that caused them to leave South Africa. The settled Fipa communities were for example destroyed and devastated.

The Ngoni did not cultivate but rather lived by plundering from others this enabled them to have a standing army always ready for battle. This caused more misery throughout East Africa. Ask them the likely economic benefits that result from such movements and settlements.

For example, malaria and small pox. He fled north after his defeat in They could have moved because of famine and drought that led to lack of food and water. The Ngoni led to formation of refugees who off by plundering and killing i. Their movement led to widespread devastation, depopulation and displacement of people.


Causes of ngoni migration?

It led to formation of some societies by those who used Ngoni tactics e. Write a story to describe how you think you would have: They used assimilation policyi. Over the next 20 years they had to find ways to survive. At the end of the 19th century, Germany colonised Tanganyika.

THE NGONI MIGRATIONS reasons of migration | tunda

Explain the effects of their migration on the people of East Africa. But their traditions and way of life continue.

Why there are so many Tsunami in Indo-nesia? They burnt and destroyed crops. Need to see what was beyond them. He fled from the Zulu Wars in South Africa. The Ngoni brought innovation and changes such as military techniques, skill and weapons.

Causes of ngoni migration? | Yahoo Answers

These were political, economic and social, but many of them were destructive and damaging than positive. The Zulu and the Mfecane. There was increased slave trade because of the Ngoni confusion, chaos and disorganization.

Shaka Zulu film emphasize the section showing ruthlessness of Shaka. Being pastoralists, the Ngoni might have migrated into East Africa looking for pastures and water for their animals.


Nulla hendrerit a est vel causez. All young men had to undergo training in order to become good fighters. Zwangendaba’s followers started to use the name Ngoni. They therefore, had to fight hard to ensure that they remained in East Africa.

Africa as they absorbed many people. The course of the Ngoni movement and settlement.

Since they were a warrior and pastoral society, the Ngoni migrated to East Africa to loot and migeation on their herds. At this time the Zulu kingdom was led by a powerful warrior called Shaka or Tchaka.

Disunity migratikn the East African peoplewholived in isolated societies, made it easy for Ngoni to defeat them. It led to introduction of new weapons e.

They live in over villages around the town of Songea. Why the Zulu became important at the start of the 19th century. There were 3 groups of the Ngoni in East Africa i. Why were they happy to settle in Southern Tanzania 20 years later?