This Ordinance applies to residences within the city of Chicago only. Please see the Exceptions to the RLTO to ensure the law applies to you. For tenants in. The Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO) is the preeminent source of tenants’ rights law for those that live in the City of Chicago. To download a full copy. Most residential tenants in Chicago are protected by the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (“RLTO”), which grants many rights and remedies to .

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If the landlord is able to sublease the unit, the tenant who terminated is only responsible to the extent that the landlord receives less in rent than he would have under the broken lease.

If the failure to deliver possession of the apartment was willful, the tenant may recover the greater of two months rent or the actual damages sustained. If the landlord violates this provision of the RLTO the tenant has a choice of remedies.

Retaliatory Eviction Act Protects renters who make valid complaints. If the material noncompliance is not remedied within chicayo time period so specified in the notice, the rental agreement shall terminate, and the tenant shall deliver possession of the dwelling unit to the landlord within 30 days after the expiration of the time period specified in the notice.

Skip to main content. All tenants are still responsible for payment of rent and other obligations under the rental agreement. The sole remedy to gain possession of an apartment is to file a lawsuit for possession in court, obtain a judgment, and have the sheriff evict the tenant. The reality is that landlords cannot let their property fall into disrepair and rent out slum-like property.

If your lawsuit is successful, the landlord almost always pays attorney fees and court costs.

Chicago Tenants Rights

The notice must be made within 10 days of the transfer of the deposit and specify the name, business address and phone number of the transferee or his agent. The first and most important step is to write the landlord a letter. The tenant must deliver possession to the landlord within 30 days and chiago landlord shall return the security deposit, unpaid rent and interest.

Eviction Act Defines the eviction process in Illinois. Under erenters are entitled to sue their landlords after move-out or during the tenancy for a rebate of rent already paid. Your landlord should never get away with stealing your deposit. Landlords must hold security deposits in an FDIC insured interest bearing account at a bank located in the State of Illinois.


Sometimes landlords are unable or unwilling to provide their tenant with chicsgo of an apartment at the time the lease begins. The tenant may not exercise his rights under this subsection if the condition was caused by the deliberate or negligent act or omission of the tenant, a member of his family, or other person on chicgo premises with his consent.

Failure to rlho heating facilities or gas-fired appliances in compliance with the requirements of the municipal code. A landlord may specifically not retaliate against a tenant if the tenant did any of the following in good faith: Failure to maintain facilities, equipment or chimneys in safe and chicagl working condition.

Chicago Tenants Rights – A Comprehensive Guide

Chicago landlords are not allowed to bar subleasing. Freedom from retaliation A landlord cannot retaliate against a tenant except for violation of the lease or violation of a law or ordinance.

If the landlord violates this provision, the tenant may give written notice and terminate the agreement.

A landlord cannot retaliate against a tenant except for violation of the lease or violation of a law or ordinance. Protecting Tenants in Foreclosed Rental Property Ordinance To preserve, protect, maintain and improve rental property and prevent occupied buildings from becoming vacant after foreclosures. Though the list of potential violations is long, it is not all encompassing. If the landlord does not fix the problem, the lease terminates and the tenant must vacate the unit within 30 days.

Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance

Don’t do it unless you expect a judge or jury to believe it. The landlord must return prepaid rent, the security deposit and interest. r,to

An unfortunate reality of recent times is that many parcels of real estate, including rental properties, chicaggo falling into foreclosure. Receipt for payment of security deposit When a landlord receives a security deposit from a tenant or prospective tenant he must give them a receipt that lists the amount of the security deposit, the name of the person receiving it, the name of the landlord, the date the deposit is received and a description of the unit.

The following terms are not enforceable:. The list is non-exhaustive, but tenants are advised to frame their complaints within one of the enumerated “failures” expressly mentioned. Chocago remedies provided for violation of the duty to maintain the property are among the most complicated in the RLTO and cbicago tenants should consult with an attorney before attempting to exercise their rights as landlords often seek to evict or sue tenants when they do.

Failure to prevent the accumulation of garbage, trash, refuse or debris as required by the municipal code.

Andy took care of my chicao against two individuals, where one was a lot more at fault than the other. That being said, I would have liked to see the party responsible go to jail. Chicago is concerned with protecting the health and welfare of its citizens, so it enacted a law to encourage landlords and tenants to improve the quality of housing available.


Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance – Know Your Rights

It established the rights and obligations of the landlord and the tenant in the rental of Chicago apartments. The Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance considers the following acts retaliation:. Whether the common areas or dwelling unit have been cited for any City of Chicago code violations within the previous 12 months and whether there is any enforcement litigation or compliance board proceedings; and Whether the City of Chicago or utility provider has issued a notice of intent to terminate a utility service to the dwelling unit or common area.

Building Code Scofflaws and Problem Landlords Provides for a number of penalties to incentivize better conditions for renters, improved maintenance of their buildings and compliance with the Chicago Municipal Lrto.

The landlord must notify the tenant of a foreclosure action An unfortunate reality of recent times is that many parcels of real estate, including rental properties, are falling into foreclosure.

This remedy is also not available if the condition was caused by the tenant, his family or guests. I wound up with swollen legs and the inability to walk for a couple weeks, but thankfully I lived. The RLTO mandates that the name and address of the financial institution holding the security deposit be listed on the written lease or, if there is no written lease, be disclosed to the tenant in writing within 14 days of receipt of the security deposit.

If the unit is in foreclosure prior to the tenant signing the lease, the proper notification must be given before the tenant enters into the agreement. The list of examples of a failure to maintain the property is long, it includes: There are slightly varied rules when the landlord receives the deposit by electronic funds transfer. The landlord may not unreasonably withhold his consent and may not charge any additional fees or costs for allowing the sublease.

To have the property reasonably maintained Landlords must maintain the premises in accordance with the law and must make repairs to the dwelling to keep it in compliance.