Christian Arnsperger, né en à Munich, est un économiste. Docteur en sciences économiques de l’UCLouvain (Louvain-la-Neuve), il est professeur à. Christian Arnsperger’s blog – Thinking about how to protect and regenerate natural, social, and cultural capital within a genuinely circular economy. Christian Arnsperger, University of Lausanne, Institut de Géographie et Durabilité Department, Faculty Member. Studies Transition to sustainable economies.

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This article was published in the Integral Leadership Review, March And can also be viewed on-line at http: These monetary options are inserted arnspwrger a “green economy” framework that attempts to deal both with the need for green investment and for a collective reduction in global energy consumption.

If we want “prosperity without an obligation to grow,” our priority should be to re-think the mechanisms of money creation and circulation. EconomicsMonopolistic Competitionand Objective function.

Paper prepared for the collective volume Schumacher Reconsidered: Critique de l’existence capitaliste: Economic MethodologyTeaching undergraduate economicsand Social role of economists. It suggests that if economists today are serious about emancipation and empowerment, they will have to radically change their conception about what it means The author argues that if citizens keen on exercising their critical reason actually demanded economic theories that allowed them to do so, economics would have to become a constantly emerging, open-ended knowledge process.

Can such sustainabilty-oriented practices as voluntary simplicity, downshifting, collaborative economies or negative-interest currencies ever scale up and generalize if what continues to christin our economic exchanges is competition and the fear of losing and failing?

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The project is based on a modernized version of the “Chicago Plan” approach which had been devised in the mids by Irving Fisher and his colleagues from the Chicago School. The Limits of Complexity Economics 4. This short address asks how money and finance impact environmental sustainability. This paper in French argues that a transition beyond the current economic system is both desirable and elusive, and that, therefore, several well-constructed steps need to be taken.


Banking as arnspeeger social innovation matters: A first perspective Perma-circularity lesson from the past: A hypothetical diachronic scenario more.

Using a tool which I call “Portfolio Microworld Analysis” PMAI suggest that in order not to be fooled by what banks say in their marketing and communications strategies, we need to test the socioeconomic coherence of the “model economy” that actually transpires from their loan and investment portfolios, as well as from their fund sourcing and capital collection criteria, as evidenced in their balance sheet and other financial statements.

Can notions such as the “optimal monetary zone” allow us to better understand the complex articulation between monetary territoriality, bioregionalism, and ecological sustainability? Crhistian also suggests a framework within which economics could fhristian within its core assumptions agents’ efforts directed at modifying their own rationality.

Christian Arnsperger | Presentation

The role played by money and by arnsoerger anthropology in sustainability issues is being increasingly recognized nowadays. I will also discuss some ways in which Switzerland’s federal political structure, as well as its participatory democratic system, enhance the virtues of monetary federalism.

Skip to main content. The Limits of Standard Economics 3. The Full Spectrum project”, which I published in the same journal in see above. Green capitalism, although frequently disparaged in militant environmentalist circles, is simply the only possible stepping stone towards a fundamentally new economy.

Christian Arnsperger | Research fields

I take it to mean an area of research and teaching that deals with the connections between economic culture what, how, and why people produce and consume and the possibility for a human community to exist in a sustainable fashion. Most mainstream economists today have abandoned neoclassical economics and have, for very sound reasons, attempted to move beyond it.


Comments welcome, please do not quote without author’s permission. Probing the “moralization of capitalism” problem: The Missing Link” see Books section above.

Social and sustainable banking and the Green Economy project. Looking to the mountain of Indigenous education: This fourth and last installment continues, yet again, where the previous post left off. The Use of Economics in a Complex Economy Language becomes an essential part of economic interactions, and economists themselves need — as part and parcel of their scientific endeavor — to ask questions about their own motivations and emotions.

SSBs relinquish the overarching motive of profit arnspergr, which in principle lends them significant freedom to shape an alternative socioeconomic vision and to translate it into action. The full presentation can be viewed on YouTube starting at the In what way did the Industrial Revolution in 19th-century Great Britain precipitate the unsustainabilty of the American way of life?

Christian Arnsperger

Arnsprrger experimentalism and the co-evolution of norms more. Phoenix is a gigantic artificial desert oasis, engineered from scratch starting in the s on the very lands that, for four centuries up to the s, harbored the ancient Hohokam civilization with its elaborate irrigation systems.

In this paper, I address the question of how to construct a credible critical discourse about today’s banking practices, chfistian an era where all banks strive to come across as “social” and “sustainable”.

Could social and sustainable banking, public money creation, and complementary currencies be combined for a greener future? The Full Spectrum project more.