DA PAM 600-26 PDF

DA PAM – Department of the Army Affirmative Action Plan. This revision–. o Aligns requirements outlined in DOD Directive , DOD Instruction. Provide equal opportunity for military personnel, DA civilians, and their family members both .. DA Pam , Department of the Army Affirmative Action Plan. DA PAM 26 23 May i RESERVED ii Summary 1 1. Purpose Action Plan AAP. It sets forth the goals and objectives of the DA Army Staff agencies and.

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Has an EO Representative been appointed on orders to assist the Commander appointment orders posted on the unit board?

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Date – the APPA. Conduct unit staff assistance visits in accordance with Command Inspection Checklist at Encl. Maintain files of all EO and Consideration of Others training, ethnic observances, complaints filed, inspection results, training schedules, and class attendance roster. Continually assess the command climate through formal surveys, interviews and accessibility to the unit.

Soldiers, family members, and DA civilians have the right to 1 Present a complaint to the command without fear of intimidation, reprisal, or harassment.

Subordinate unit SOP must conform to the policies and procedures provided herein. An informal complaint is not subject to time suspense nor is it reportable.

Confidentiality 60026 neither be guaranteed nor promised to the complainant by agencies other than the chaplain or a lawyer. And is it on unit training schedule? First Presidential Proclamation, Feb 76 Month: Are records for all formal EO complaints being properly maintained?

DA PAM –26 – AKO US Army

Prepare and assist the commander in the conduct of EO training. Commanders must include type of training, instructor, date, time, attendance rosters, and issues covered during the training session. Conduct staff assistance visits to subordinate units. From time to time, different paam will be of local or Army-wide importance and require special emphasis and attention by unit commanders.


First Presidential Proclamation, Aug 73 Month: Has the command developed, planned, and conducted annual ethnic observances consistent with published timetable?

Command Inspection Checklist 5. Commanders will document training on the unit-training schedule and lead the training. Complainant will be advise of the importance of describing the incident s in as much detail as possible to assist in the pan process. Signature Block Command Climate Survey The Command Climate Survey must be used by company commanders within 90 days of assuming command, and annually thereafter.

Are required statistical reports on EO progress and personnel being submitted as required and maintained on file?

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The commander should consider the reason for the delay, the availability of witnesses, and whether a full and fair inquiry or investigation can be conducted. Equal Opportunity Program Standing Operating Procedure SOP 11 Individual responsibilities of both males and females concerning equal opportunity and the prevention and eradication of sexual harassment: Equal Opportunity Complaint Procedures: Are promotions, non-judicial punishment, discharges, reenlistment, and awards, 060-26 administered equitably?

Recommend appropriate remedies to eliminate and prevent unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment. Conduct follow-up assessments of all formal EO complaints. The computerized version of psm survey will operate on PCs of or better, apm will tabulate results. The computerized version of the survey will enable commanders to add up to 7 additional questions. EO training will be interactive, discussion-based, and focus on these topics— 1 Objectives of the Army EO program.

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Summary of Required Reports 4. Harrassment and Discrimination Policy. When there are less than five females, example, do not split out results by gender. Are EO personnel provided adequate facilities to conduct interviews? DA Pamphletchange 1, dated August Assist commanders and assigned project officers in preparing and conducting ethnic observances and special commemorations. The role of the Equal Opportunity Advisor in this process is to discuss the results with the commander and aid the commander in developing an action plan.


The commander will discuss issues that surface from assessment and develop an action plan to improve unit climate with members within the unit. It should emphasize findings determined as a result of unit command climate assessment.

It is important that commanders personally introduce the survey, explain why it is important, and how the results will be used i. Formal complaints require specific actions, are subject to timelines, and require documentation of the actions taken.

Company commanders can administer the survey more often and can use additional survey instruments in addition to the Command Climate Survey. Does the unit have the following policy letters displayed on the unit bulletin board: Review and comment on investigative reports of equal opportunity complaints for compliance with Department of Defense and Department of the Army policy and objectives. Informal complaints may be resolved directly by the individual, with the help of another unit member, the commander or other person in the complaint’s chain of command.

To provide equal opportunity for all military personnel, civilian employees, and their family members both on and off post and within the laws of localities, states, and host nations.

DA PAM 600–26

Are sensing sessions or surveys being conducted to assess the EO climate within the command? Is the commander visibly involved 600-62 implementation of the EO Program? Are attendance records for all EO training being properly maintained? Consideration of Others training will be conducted on a quarterly basis as well.

Typical roles and duties of EORs are as follows: Assist commanders in developing EO policy for their units.