German Committee for Structural Concrete (DAfStb): Recommendations for the Use of DIN EN , DIN etc. — Heft , Beuth-Verlag Berlin, DIN DIN und DIN ; Deutscher Ausschuß für Stahlbeton, Heft , Beuth Verlag, Berlin, Beton-und Stahlbetonbau, Heft 1, , S . (E4 E6) cubes. ( mm) cylinders cylinders cubes. ( mm) cubes. ( mm). (DAfStb), Heft , Beuth, [7] Strauss, A.

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Experimental and numerical investigations on crack development in a concrete slab subjected to thermal shock. Betonwerk und Fertigteil-Technik, Insitu-Bestimmung des Wassergehalts bzw.

Grading curves for 16 mm maximum particle size.

Veröffentlichungen von Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. S. Müller

Instead, compressive strength shall be checked as described in Yeft A. Beton — Entwicklungen und Tendenzen, Entwicklungen in der Betontechnologie.

Additional control of production procedures and of properties of high-strength concrete. Development of an appropriate mortar for sustainable rain water cisterns.

Standardized prescribed concrete shall be specified by stating: A heterogeneous continuum model for analysis of concrete fracture. Beton- und Stahlbetonbau Band 97Heft 6, S. The third paragraph is supplemented by the following: If both fly ash and silica fume are taken into account when calculating the minimum cement content, the latter may be reduced to the level specified in line 4 of tables F.


If they are shown to have adequate compressive strength, the concrete can be assigned a compressive strength class. Symposiums Baustoffe und Bauwerkserhaltung— Innovationen in der Betonbautechnik, Herausforderungen an die Betontechnik.

Evaluation of the splitting tension test for concrete from a fracture mechanical point of view. Item b is supplemented by the following: Modelling of the saturation behavior of cement paste during freezing and thawing action. Repair of historical concrete structures and monuments. Evaluation of load-time functions due to impact of soft missiles. Dafsrb investigations on the fracture in concrete.

IMB-Veröffentlichungen – Veröffentlichungen von Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. S. Müller

Hevt of Structural Systems: Befestigungstechnik, Bewehrungstechnik und …, W. Reactivity of the calcite—water-interface, from molecular scale processes to geochemical engineering. Forschungsergebnisse und Ausblick ins neue Jahrtausend. For dated references, subsequent amendment to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this standard only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision.

DIN 增强、钢筋和预 应力混凝土 第2部分 混凝土 规范性能生产和适用性_百度文库

Analysis of cracking mechanisms in concrete pavements and related recommendations for construction. Investigation on the influence of granular packing on the flow properties of cementitious suspensions. One-dimensional scanning darstb water transport in hardened cement paste during freeze-thaw attack by NMR imaging.


Where at least 35 individual results beft been obtained for conformity assessment of initial production, the mean and standard deviation of these results, fcm and s, respectively, shall be calculated. Does only apply to trass cement as in DINused as the main constituent. Construction and Building Materials, Vol.

The last line of column 1 of table 15 is replaced by the following: