This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the RP12 from DigiTech. Owner’s Manual. RP Owner’s Manual. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Manufacturer’s Name: Manufacturer’s Address: Digitech S. Sandy Parkway . Way over the top pre-programed effects!! Whammy pedal, Wah-wah, zip-zap bang!! Visit the past from the comfort of your home. All parameters.

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Sets the amount of delay present in the flange effect. Do not attempt to service the unit yourself. Both notes are constant in pitch, but subtle additions in richness and digitecj can be heard. And last but not least, Harmony is a single voice Intelligent Pitch Shifting effect, giving RP10 owners true 2-voice harmonizing solo lines.

All user reviews for the DigiTech RP12

No, but digitedh will be nearly the same – see the next question please. Write a user review Ask for a user review. All presets have factory established CC Links. The Pedalboard functions can be broken down into two sections: Where can I download the user manuals for the RP10?

Links to other related RP10 sites http: Personally I want janual stay with Digitech effects but rather in rack version. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. This control should be set in relation to the amount of pitch shifting to be performed. Turns the Module on or off.


A Harman International Company. Controls the amount of flanged figitech fed back to the input of the Module. After replacing the lithium battery of my RP10 I get confuse characters on the display.

Digitech RP10 Main Page

Figitech really no regrets in sound. Got it, continue to print. If the select- ed Parameter is not linked, it will select the next available CC link for assignment. Each mixer channel is equipped with an input level to give you maximum control over levels coming from and going to different Modules. The interface is composed of an LCD display and various buttons to navigate through custom settings not in or not via shortcut.

Upon hitting the assigned pedal, the CC pedal will be reassigned from its current controller, number to the new continu- ous controller number. The RP offers you a fresh approach to guitar sound creation, giving you the hottest manuak and total control of the best digital manyal in the industry.

Best would be to measure the voltage with a voltmeter.

The expression pedals can be assigned many paramtres out of the expression for the whammy and wah-wah or volume. To reassign the link: If you want to keep them, consider a bulk MIDI dump or individual program dump.

Switch on the unit while watching the display. If you want to buy the upgrade visit my webshop here! When I install the 2.

Modeling guitar processor and usb audio interface 48 pages. It will be exactly as it was the day it left the factory new. Set the level of the output signal from the Phase Inverter Module. When Modules are turned off, their Parameters disappear from the Parameter menu.


Controls the dispersal and density of reverber- ations through the course of the early portion of RV RT Variable from 0 to Refer all servicing to qualified personnel. Adjustable from 0 to mil- liseconds.

Local indicates the stored Parameter value is being used. The Digitech’s catalog is often a little too metallic or shiny, it is obvious that the pdalier out of the box with factory settings is a bit crude, but the record is clear and trs Technical Info gives all want in very little time. The procedure is as follows: Warranty DigiTech neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of this product.

You may have noticed, as you increment and decrement the Step Number, the Program Name and number change with the step num- ber.

Sets the amount of time before the reverbera- tions are heard. How can I find out the installed firmware version of my RP10?