Katalog Druckfedern. Artikelnummer. A u ß e n d u rc h m e s s e r (m m.) D ra h td u rc h m e s s e r (m m.) F re ie. L ä n g e. (m m.) F e d e rra. Sehen Sie den gesamten Katalog normierte Federn Katalog der Firma KERN- LIEBERS TMG auf DirectIndustry. Seite: 1/ Right now, you are in our. PERFORMANCE SUSPENSION division. Here you can experience everything about EIBACH. Performance Springs · Performance.

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Die Aktivierung erfolgt durch okklusales Halten und Einligieren in die vier Frontzahnbrackets mit Ligaturdraht.

Self-ligating brackets – vestibular and lingual

All das abgerundet mit den besonderen Eigenschaften, die nur ein Kupfer-Nickel-Titan-Bogen bieten kann. QuicKlear only to be used from vestibular! OrthoEasy – easy and economic. A randomized, controlled trial, Angle Orthodontist. Various additional forces possible like intrusion or extrusion of molar depending on activation of uprighting spring. This enables particularly gentle treatment, and druckfedfrn a result, enhanced patient comfort.

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Memory-Palatinalsplitschraube Memory palatal expansion screw Order No. The bracket is available for the upper and lower For an aesthetically perfect treatment from beginning to end.

Instead of storing 32 different band sizes with adequate buccal tubes you only need a few Big Foot pads to treat each of your patients.

WB Saunders, 2rd edition, The long axis scribe line allows a better placement along the clinical crown. Splitter- und bruchfrei zu entfernen: Outstanding characteristics for better and faster results: Progressive advancement of the mandible helps to reduce tension in the craniomandibular muscles, therefore kaalog patient comfort and compliance.


An easy and safe chair side reactivation of as much as 6 mm can be achieved by incorporating this solid stainless steel screw into the appliance. Your patients will be delighted by the extremely flat design which guarantees a high level of comfort. Due to this characteristic the influence of cold and hot foods and drinks results in intermittent levelling. All around the world our customers have a deep appreciation for the profession they practice and for which they require the best products to practice with.

The clip can be easily opened from the occlusal with a special explorer and closed with the Weingart-Ultralight wire plier.

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Preformed ligature ties with twisted end, tooth colour coated, suitable as Powerhook. Often it is achieved by sequential use of several round and rectan- gular wires until optimal size wires can be inserted. Single buccal tubes can be delivered on large bondable pads on customer request. Dimensions of the body allow chip-free debonding using the Pauls-Tool. Pop-Box size 1 normal size for transversal plates.

Four-wall slot is designed with a particularly low profile to precisely guide archwires with a height of. The archwires reliably return to their original shape.



Der Kopf des OrthoEasy Pal ist mit einem praktischen Innengewinde versehen, so dass die Abutments einfach mit einer Halteschraube befestigt werden. Drahtbiegezangen Wire bending pliers 9 Order No. Big Foot Klebepads sind auf die Zahnform adaptierbar.

They feature a modified cap over the whole slot length. Hilfsmaterial Auxiliaries Order No. Collar probe For all brackets of the Quick range, double sided, disinfectable, sterilisable Attention: Our supply chain reaches over 80 countries worldwide and on all continents.

Correction of deep overbite in adults. Hook-shaped undercuts on the base allow for better retention than with a mesh base. But keep in mind: Palatinale Platzierung von OrthoEasy Pal. However, as an innovative company, we know that development is an ongoing process, which is why our range also includes a number of exceptional systems such as the Physio Dynamic System by Dr.

In Nanda R, eds. As a retention appliance the modules of the FMA can be fixed on the vestibular side to thermoforming foils. Druckfdern US 6, and others 8. Activation is accomplished by bringing it occlusal and tying it to the anterior segment attached to the four incisors.