Reflections on Dua Jawshan Kabir. Mohammad Ali Shomali. International Institute for Islamic Studies, Qom, Iran Spiritual Quest Summer and Autumn Vol. A powerpoint presentation of the supplication Jawshan al-Kabir, containing Arabic text and English translation. Wazaiful Abrar – Imam `Ali ibn al-Husain Sayyid as-Sajjidin (prayers be upon him ) related from his father from his grandfather the Prophet of Allah (blessings of.

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Articles containing Arabic-language text. The next verse reads. God kabrer created everything with a portion of light, as is implied in Qur’an 6: O, Whose Kindness is evident in everything.

Reflections on Dua Jawshan Kabir

O Protector of the unprotected. If anyone knows Ism al-A’zam, whatever they ask God will be fulfilled. In order for their meaning to be absorbed, deep reflection is necessary. O He, of Whom nothing is seen save His Goodness. O Magnanimous to him who places his hope in Him. O Refuge of mabeer who trust in Him. Naturally, therefore, dua comes with requests. O Lord of the Mashair of Mecca. If he calls Me, I will answer him, and if he asks Me something, I will bestow it upon him.


The Jawshan Kabir prayer contains parts. O He, Whose light is not extinguished. After every section, the following sentence should be recited: O Manifest, O Hidden.

O Revealer of signs. According to Qur’an We read in Qur’an O Aware, O All-Seeing. O Dispeller of every hardship.

O Giver of abundant gifts. O Dispeller of anxiety.

O Best of those who are held in affection. O Helper of the helpless. O Mighty Who never weakens. O He, Who knows the number and quantity of everything. When Eua love him, I will be his ear by which he hears, his eyes through which he sees, his tongue with which he speaks, and his hands with which he strikes. O He, Who does whatever He wishes. O He, Who has no friend among the disgraced. O Everliving, Who quickens the dead. O Provider of creatures.

Dua’a Jaushan-e-Kabeer

O Expeller of sorrow. Muslims often read the Jawshan kabir in Laylat al-Qadr in Ramadan but some Hadiths recommend reading it at the beginning of Ramadan. O He, Who punishes whomever He wishes. O our Helper, O our Protector. O He, Who provided me with sustenance and nurtured me. Have you not regarded him who argued with Abraham about his Lord, because Allah had given him kingdom? O Most praiseworthy of all those who are praised.

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O He, Who jashan us with His charity. O Provider of sustenance to small children. O Granter for concession to those who seek concession.

O Lord of kabfer is lawful and what is proscribed. O Master of infinite might. Thus, it was made known to everybody that it was only God who gave life and brought death. O Best of all to be worshipped. O He, the obedience to Whom is salvation for the obedient.

Jawshan Kabir

O Guide of he who has no guide. O Reviver of the dead. O He Who is Wise over what He has fashioned. The context of the prayer was written by Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin and came to him from his great grandfather Muhammad by word of mouth.

O Everliving, Who is not dependent on any living being. The planner of light is the one who regulates everything about light. Dua e Mashlool Mola Ali urdu.

O Holder of blessings and manifestation.