OLEG D. JEFIMENKO West Virginia University. Electrostatic M o t o r s It is also interesting to note that certain types of electrostatic motors were frequently. From Oleg D. Jefimenko, Causality, Electromagnetic Induction, and Gravitation: A Different Approach to the Theory of Electromagnetic and. Electrostatic Motors. Oleg Jefimenko and David K. Walker. Everyone is familiar with the property of elec- tric charges to attract or to repel one another.

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Evidence of that is the fact that EM waves are widely held to be propagated by the E field creating the H field and the H field creating the E field as it goes along. Views Read Edit View history. Then the attraction-repulsion routine that Franklin used takes place. The motor operates on a few microwatts of power.

The shaft can be made of plastic that turns in air bearings. Although its measured efficiency is better than 50 percent, Jefimenmo regarded it merely as an apparatus for investigating electrical phenomena.

Moreover, as I have mentioned, the inner surface of the cylinder should be backed by conducting foil to enhance the corona. Jefimenko gives both motors an initial charge from a 20,volt generator. When the rotor turned, the electrets were swept between adjacent pairs of charged metallic plates, which were also in the form of sectors. The machine consisted of an uncoated disk of glass that rotated in the vertical plane on low-friction bearings between opposing crosses of ebonite.

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A bluish glow surrounded the points, which emitted a faint hissing sound. The upper end of the wire was connected to a foot length of metallic tinsel of the kind that serves for decorating a Christmas tree. A Leyden jar is a primitive form of the modern high-voltage capacitor. The earth is an electrical conductor.

Oleg D. Jefimenko

And like a magnet, it can be used to build a motor. The solvent flows into the joint and fuses it permanently. Notwithstanding the problem of handling potentials on the order of a million volts without effective insulation materials, Jefimenko foresees the possibility of at least limited application of corona power machines.

To make wiring simple, we used standard connectors on the Wimhurst collectors, and meter leads with regular banana plugs and alligator clips to hook up the motors. Cut edges can be sanded so they have a white, frosted appearance that, in contrast with clear surfaces, gives your finished motor a sparkling, jewel-like appearance. As the electret moved between the attracting plates, however, the commutator switched the plates to matching polarity.

Yet there it is, spinning merrily. Elfctrostatic, once more spinning the disk by hand, we added bit of masking tape until it was perfectly balanced. The adjacent plates are separated by a narrow slot. The air between is a rather poor insulator. Franklin was incredibly lucky to have survived his celebrated kite experiment. Centrifugal forces at the ends were degrees out of phase, thus constituting a couple.

Oleg D. Jefimenko – Wikipedia

It represents a physical approach profoundly different from the time-space geometry approach of the Einstein general theory of relativity. The performance of the motor easily met the design specifications. Some experimenters substitute Halowax for the rosin.

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Thereafter a spark would jump from the high-voltage terminal to each passing thimble and impart to it a charge of the same polarity as that of the terminal. A meteorological hypothesis is that the field is maintained largely by thunderstorms, which pump electrons out of the air and inject them jefimenjo the earth through bolts of lightning that continuously strike the surface at an average rate of strokes per second.

By resorting to such stratagems experimenters can devise motprs that are extremely light in proportion to their power output. As it passed this second jar, a spark jumped again, depositing a new charge, and the whole repulsion-attraction cycle began again. An electrostatic charge for driving the motor was stored in Leyden jars. Twelve stationary thimbles supported by insulating columns were spaced jefimsnko the disk to graze the rotating metal spheres.

The resulting asymmetrical force made the motor self-starting and unidirectional. The imbalance was only a fraction of an ounce — but it was too much.

Jefimenko thinks that earth-field antennas could be built to extract viable amounts of it. Jefimenko discovered that when sharp-pointed antennas are designed for a sufficient length to obtain at least volts of threshold energy, the fair-weather current density available is about a picoampere per square meter.

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