Revolt Against. Other Books by Julius Evola. Eros and the Mysteries of Love ( ). The Yoga of Power (). The Hermetic Tradition (). The Doctrine of . Even Robert E. Howard has themes in common with Evola. One way to look at “Revolt Against the Modern World” is as a readable version of. With unflinching gaze and uncompromising intensity Julius Evola analyzes the spiritual and cultural malaise at the heart of Western civilization and all that.

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That seems doubtful, given statements like “the eventual lack of revolf of the historical element with a myth demonstrates the untruth of evoka rather than that of the myth”. The interest part here is the idea that the world is degenerating instead of progressing. The transcendence Evola envisions is one over the state of “becoming”; the Julius Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World is the manifesto of traditionalism, and one of the most popular texts among today’s “alternative right”.

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Outline/Summary for Evola’s Revolt

There will be a discussion Thursday, starting with a few high points and remarks from the Foreword. Evolution and Aristotle Book Reviews: Is that all it was?

Revolt Against the Modern World. Ships from and sold by Amazon. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Well, sure, why not. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

That is how demons enter. A truly monumental work that alters the perception of history and reality. By what metric is the civilisation of Tradition superior?

Revolt Against the Modern World – Wikipedia

Turn it into your strength. The first volume is an exciting journey throught the fantasies of a reactionary and romantic dissident. The path to transcendence and mysticism is from the turning away of society and language, like Wittgenstein’s silence, and the return to within, whereas ordering society based upon such symbols is only significant as to what is within the mystic’s directly perceptual insight.

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Arakawa on Performative conservatism and…. Such as the origin of Indo-Aryan civilisation in Hyperborea, the founding of Atlantis, and things like that. I am surely going to read more book by Evola in future.

Evola wrote of the effect that invisible dimensions have on our world, specifically, Evola wrote about what happens when an abyss turns itself inside out. And certainly his statements on Interwar Romania are very telling that he did not in fact dismiss Christianity in its totality. There is little reason for me to offer a detailed refutation of his system.

One is an actual civilization, the other is the opposite of that. Whether you are just learning about this unorthodox thinker, or well versed in Traditional thought, this evla be the book to start with. One possesses Being, the other is built upon illusions.

See and discover other items: It is a singular though not necessarily original blend of several schools and traditions, including German idealism, Eastern doctrines, traditionalism, and the all-embracing Weltanschauung of the interwar conservative Revolution with which Evola had a deep personal involvement. Purpose This is my task, within my limitations, to contribute rveolt this work of establishing the total decadence of the modern world.

Evola does claim that Greek art from this period was shit, but I’m not about to pretend to dislike Sophocles just because a moody Italian told me to.

What kind of a loser has time to think these days. This page was last edited on 3 Aprilat In spite of Christianity, he thinks a superior form of mysticism secretly existed among some medieval chivalrous orders, citing confessions of anti-Christian practices among the Knights Templar while failing to mention that these confessions were obtained under torture.

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The tone of the book suggests that this was very much a bad thing, but Evola never explains why. Filthy, disgusting plebs trampled on the warrior aristocracies of Hispania, Gaul, and the Near Reovlt for a thousand years.

One strains to comprehend his enthusiasm for Islam, since a more uncompromisingly theistic and egalitarian religion would efola hard to imagine. Old feuds live long in Italy, and Evola the Ghibelline will never forgive the popes for their stand against his sacred empire. Nov 24, Can’T Tango rated it really liked it.

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Alas, subjectivity is a contagious disease. Ye almost had me there, too, epigraphing Boehme and all. Naturally, the inferior peoples whom they subjugated were not living in a spiritual vacuum. The second volume is just a bunch of terribly wrong and boring history by which he tries to prove that revolg civilization fits the “four eras” model. Nov 16, Baethan Balor rated it really liked it. One might call Evola a sort of Protestant traditionalist, seeking to sidestep centuries of corruption to recover the original Tradition of the North just as the Protestant wants to access Apostolic Christianity unmediated by Catholic tradition.

Feb 24, Aaron Skoorb rated it really rveolt it. As a gadfly, Evola spares evooa one and nothing in his survey of what we have lost and where we are headed. This is Plato