Filiciak, Mirosáaw. Wirtualny plac zabaw. Gry sieciowe i przemiany kultury wspóáczesnej. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Akademickie i Profesjonalne. Filiciak. Media discourse. London-New York: Hodder Arnold Publication, Filiciak, Mirosáaw. Wirtualny plac zabaw. Gry sieciowe i przemiany kultury wspóáczesnej . Youth and media: new media and cultural participation by Mirosław Filiciak() Wirtualny plac zabaw: gry sieciowe i przemiany kultury współczesnej by.

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Currently he is the leader of an interdisciplinary team working on the issue of popular culture and its theoretical ramifications in Poland before World War II. Jarczewska-Gerc, Ewa Read more.

Filiciak, Mirosław

Her research focuses on the production, consumption and regulation of digital games. Plenary lectures program The conference will be held in English. Maj, Konrad Read more. He collaborates with numerous public cultural institutions, businesses and NGOs. Graeme Kirkpatrick studies the intersection of art, technology and critique. He is also the co-creator of Kultura 2. He is currently working on a yet-unannounced project. Grabowska, Izabela Read more.

Profile Media expert interested in the relationship between new media and cultural participation. Author of several books, such as Wirtualny plac zabaw. Media expert interested in the relationship between new media and cultural participation. Bachmann, Klaus Read more. She has worked on a number of projects exploring production, work, diversity and public policies for the games industry over the past sixteen years, most recently involving a focus on the role of community managers in online games.


Mirosław Filiciak – SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Co-author, together with Alek Tarkowski, of Dwa zero. Pietkiewicz, Igor Read more. Making a new website will take five hours at the very best with WixShopify and Weebly. Traczyk, Jakub Read more.

Giza, Barbara Read more. Once you finished choosing from these website templatesyou may need web hosting to manage your site. Meeting of international game studies researchers coupled with fascinating plenary lectures open to all tackling the present and future of video games — one of the fastest developing media, new technologies and their zabwa with film, theatre, photography, literature, and art history.

Szpaderski, Adam Read more. He is interested in the theory of media studies, media archeology, and the relations between media technologies and cultural practices.

In his latest book Media, wersja beta [Media, Beta Version], he analyses relations between games and other media. Among presenters there will be key figures and powerhouses of the development of creative industries and wirrualny studies research, including Marcin Blacha, scriptwriter of The Witcher, responsible for the scripts of all the installments in the bestselling video game series, Dr.


Kowalik, Adam Read more. Previously a designer of tabletop games and a writer for gaming press, for the last ten years he has worked in the video games industry.

Warso, Anna Read more.

Central and Eastern European Game Studies Conference | Centrum Spotkania Kultur

Hearts of Stone and The Witcher wigtualny He also works on the project devoted to the strategies of collecting, restoring, and simulating old technical media, using the case study of the pinball community. His research interests include the Internet, computer games, transformation of television, contemporary culture, and informal distribution of information.

Wild Hunt as well as the add-ons: No translation will be provided. Wiszejko-Wierzbicka, Dorota Read more.