Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness DeterminationMedical Examiner’s Certificate. About the Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC), Form MCSAIf the Medical Examiner determines that the driver examined is [email protected] MEDICAL EXAMINER’S CERTIFICATE. I certify that I have examined. in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety. Regulations (49 CFR ).

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The urine test is just a kidney screen to test for safetyproframs and protein. The examining doctor keeps a copy of the form for our office records.

DOT and Commercial Driver’s License Exams

You do not need medical insurance to get a DOT Physical. What are the DOT physical blood pressure requirements?

For other states please check with the motor carrier division of your state. Some insurance companies treat this exam as preventative health care and will not reimburse for it.

Medical Applications and Forms

At the end of your physical exam, you will be given a copy of your Medical Examine Certificate. Another concern is uncontrolled sugar safetyprohrams the urine. Don’t need the accessible version of this site? It is the medical conditions that being overweight eventually leads to, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney disease, that may affect your ability to safely drive a commercial vehicle. Use of medications varies.


Walk In Clinic | Dot Physical in New Port Richey

Please bring ALL medications that you are taken. How do overweight truck drivers pass the DOT physical? The dovuments is pretty straight forward. The 5 Panel drug test analyzes urine for the following drugs: We charge the same price whether you have insurance or not.

One for the driver, one for the Company. If you safetyprgrams a question that you feel has not been answered here, please email drjaredshelton yahoo. Treatment with a CPAP machine and some basic lifestyle changes can help you get a restful sleep and maintain your commercial drivers license.

How much does a DOT physical cost without insurance? How long is a DOT medical card good for? Please see your physician, contact your local DOT office, or visit www.

Being overweight is not a restriction to passing the DOT Physical exam. What would cause me to fail a DOT physical? Office Hours Our Regular Schedule. The driver is certified annually thereafter. The best way to understand the DOT physical requirements is to go through the checklist that the medical examiner goes through to conduct the physical exam.

Locations Find us on the map. What drugs are tested for, if a DOT drug test is requested? Our service is fast and efficient. Hide the accessibility button Close modal window.

Medical Examination Report (MER) Form, MCSA | Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Payment for the exam is your responsibility at time of service. We can complete your mevical in 30 minutes. What are the DOT physical requirements? However, to speed up the process, please visit the link: A driver with a BP of less than systolic and less than 90 diastolic may be medically certified to drive for a two-year period.


Has a gross vehicle weight or gross combination weight of sfetyprograms, pounds or more Is giv or used to transport more than 8 persons for compensation Is designed or used to transport more than 15 persons not for compensation Is used in transporting hazardous material Additional Questions or Comments: It includes all of your vitals, screens of every area of the body, and use of limbs required to operated a commercial vehicle.

We will provide all the forms you need at the time of your appointment. If you need, we will fax the DOT form to your company. If you have insurance and want to claim reimbursement we can give you a receipt to submit to your insurance company. What are the truck driving repogt requirements? Go to accessible site Close modal window.