Find great deals on eBay for Focal Speakers in Car Speakers and Speaker Systems. Shop with confidence. Focal® is a trademark of Focal-JMlab®. , rue de l’Avenir – BP – La Talaudière cedex – France – Tel. +33 4 77 43 57 00 – Fax +33 4 77 43 57 Product Information Brand: Focal Audio Model: 7W2 Product Information: mm 7-inch midbass driver speaker. Car Speaker Type: Mid.

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Good news, and a small turn of plans today! Of course overall decision is subjective to your ears. My Focal 7w2’s have bottomed out a few times. Originally Posted by ItalynStylion. If you don’t already rocal about them – just google and you will foca impressed, or check the tweeter comparisons done by DIYMA regulars a while ago which found these to be the universally selected best sounding tweeter out of tweeters that they compared head to head mostly in one day!

The compete vocal comps costing much more. Send a private message to slickrick. Maybe I’ll get the time to upgrade the new wheels Just had too many bad experiences with focal.

Rainbow or Focal

Visit Foocal Maxima’s homepage! Contact me at jim. I’ve heard the 7w2 drivers in a Golf 4 a buddy of mine build, and I really liked them. Send a private message to Metal Maxima.

They were crossed over at 31hz when he played music really loud, and fullrange downwards then listening at normal levels. It’s astonishing to me that nobody understands this. I have a set of K2P’s getting ready to replace the 3-way set up in my Max now. One speakers peeling but tocal cabinet is great. That IS the time it takes to get hold of a set of 7w2 it seems Actually had to buy a complete set of components, the W set with tweeters and crossovers, but that was fine, nice to have fkcal Only 3 days after I had settled with giving up the search, and had focaal installed the DD 6,5″ midbasses I got hold of instead, the set appeared for sale just a few countries away, haha Using a odd, but surprisingly successful mix of TangBand fullrange drivers, DD midbasses and FI subwoofer for the time being, I finally have my complete W series setup.


Rebuild focall as well Currently I’m using scan speak revelator tweets, rainbow pro van 4″ mids, and focal 7w2’s 7″ midbass. Since when can’t a guy chime in with a suggestion? Add Thread to del. All connections are original in the back and all working great.

RIPS – Auditor 6. Tocal message in reply? All I’m saying is that you can beat the HELL out of them as long as they’re given adequate, clean power and as long as you correctly tune them x-overas with most any speaker i’ve used.

Í× Focal Utopia 7w2 – Âñ¸ îá àâòîçâóêå

It’s all about what you like in tocal speaker, to each his own. I used them in a two way with my Hiquphons and they worked great together. So, anyone have opinions what would be a nice match for the TLRs in this setup. Send a private message to max94se. TN – Focal 1″ Tweeters. I used this combination with the tlr’s in my mercury years ago and was incredible.


Password Please enter a password for your user account. Kicking it old school style! Send a private message to kpr10is. Well, haven’t heard the reviews, but I’ve done them in several cars, both the zapco reds and the blacks, and they were phenominal. K2 Kevlar sandwich woofer cone.

FOCAl 7W2 2個セット 左右 Utopia

I would have liked to have him elabo. Password Please enter a password for your user account. No need to spend all that much if less can get you just as happy. The Chorus compact speaker is the bookshelf speaker.

As it says, I have a set of hand made in Denmark and hand matched prior to shipping to within. Find More Posts by Montypup.

Add Thread to del. They are very authentic and accurate drivers capable of playing up quite high as the Focal tweeters usually cross about 3, Both speakers working and sound amazing. The Bookshelf Speaker Par Excellence. If you have any questions, please ask!! Originally Posted by Metal Maxima.

I did put these through their paces when I got them back, being leary of any driver foal The rest of my system is as follows: I’ll repeat it for the miliionth time: Focal Speakers Refine Results. BB code is On.