THE COQUETTE; OR, THE HISTORY OF ELIZA WHARTON; A NOVEL; FOUNDED ON FACT. By a LADY of MASSACHUSETTS. [Hannah Webster Foster]. The Coquette (Early American Women Writers) and millions of other books are .. Hannah Webster Foster’s novel The Coquette is an excellent example of. The Coquette, or, The History of Eliza Wharton by Hannah Webster Foster. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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It will relieve, in some measure, the tediousness of this separation.

Pribble, about a mile from her mother’s; and can I think of suffering her to leave the neighborhood, just as I enter it? As I handed Miss Wharton in, he observed jocosely, that she had changed company. At present, I shall not confine myself in any way.

Quotes from The Coquette. He is this fosfer, I am told, below stairs. No; far be it from me; for though I believe that I never felt the passion of love for Mr.

The Coquette and The Boarding School – Broadview Press

From a scene of constraint and confinement, ill suited to my years and inclination, I have just launched into society.

I kept at the same distance from them, till I saw them stop at websster General’s gate.

I hope, said I, since we are engaged in the conversation, that you will excuse my frankness, if I tell you, that the understanding and virtue of this worthy couple, induce them, without any regard fozter rank, to bestow their esteem wherever it is merited. Specifically, she is unable to settle down with Rev.

Our’s has the purest virtue for its basis; And such friendship ends not but with life. Foxter have every encouragement that I could wish. Laurence’s, a gentleman of fortune and fashion, in this vicinity. The Coquette is an epistolary novel based on an actual event that occurred in the “Era of Good Feelings”–that is, the period immediately after the Constitution was ratified. Will you give me a little sketch of his conversation?


Richman said, I hope you have been agreeably entertained, Miss Wharton? WE go on charmingly here; almost as soft and smooth as your ladyship.

But to resume my narrative. He told me that he was obliged to leave town for a few days; and, as I should probably see Mr. Declaring him your favorite, madam, is sufficient to render me partial to him. I listened to him involuntarily. Your own heart can best determine, whether upon their principles, you are, or not! I shall only add, on the subject, that if I have wisdom and prudence to follow his advice and example; if his prayers for my temporal and eternal welfare be heard and answered, I shall be happy indeed.

Eliza begins the book Emma-ish, headstrong and pleased with herself.

I would have respected Eliza’s progressive mindset more if she was a character of action instead of passivity. Oh he’s a rake, oh fostsr a wretch, oh he deserves to be thrown to the wolves, but does anyone do it, or better yet, question why so many of these men are bred from birth to become such absolute motherfuckers?

The Coquette

He was chosen to be a future guardian and companion for me, and was, therefore, beloved by mine. Create a Site Search Sites Log in. Such have been my situations in life, and the natural volatility of my temper, that I have looked but little into my own heart, in regard to its future wishes and views. Social, domestic, and connubial joys were fondly anticipated, and friends, and fortune seemed ready to crown every wish! Of the latter, I presume; for I know you are not a misanthrope.


Everything tends to facilitate the return of my accustomed vivacity. Miranda Riding My English Lit class discussed this decision which other authors in this time period such as Mary Rowlandson and Olaudah Equiano also …more My English Lit class discussed this decision which other authors in this time period such as Mary Rowlandson and Olaudah Equiano also chose to do.

I have a solid two thousand pages left to churn through, in addition to the odd school assigned work, but that’s a mere three weeks of reading if I stick with it, and while school work got to me last week, I knew that going out of town would do such, and I caught up enough by the end of the weekday run to not be worried. Boyer, we see that women assumed the role of an object of affection and conquest for men.

Well, then, not to play too long with the curiosity, which I know to be excited, and actuated by real friendship, I will relieve you. Stanford plays the “I love you. By the way, I am told that Major Sanford has been to look at the seat of Captain Toster, which is upon sale.