SAP BW InfoCube – Learn SAP BW in simple and easy steps starting from Overview of SAP BI, Data Warehousing, Data Flow, Transformation, InfoArea, Object. What is Infocube? Infocube is data storage area in which we maintain data which we are extracting from source system physically. An InfoCube. SAP BW InfoCube is a type of InfoProvider on which queries can be defined or executed. InfoCubes can store data in real DB tables or virtually.

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The data is stored physically in an InfoCube. Data are written directly into such cubes bypassing UpdateRules 3.

X delta, before image. What is the structure of InfoCube? Unlike Standard InfoCubes which can just load the data, Real-time InfoCubes can load the data as well as write the data into the cube.

SAP BW – InfoCube

An InfoCube can function as both a data target and an InfoProvider. September 3, 2 minute read.

N cardinality within the same dimension. Similarly while writing that data Planning the data into the real-time infocube loading is not possible. SM13 — serialized or un-serialized V3 update.


InfoCubes (SAP Library – Business Intelligence)

This results in the creation of duplicate data in BW. Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing. In order to make partition, at least one of the two InfoObjects must bl contained in the InfoCube. In query definition in the BEx Query Designer, you access the characteristics and key figures that are defined for an InfoCube.

Click the ellipsis … to change the selected attributes. Maintain high cardinality information in dimensional table. The cardinality is m: So how many partitions are created after partitioning?

InfoCubes consist of different InfoObjects and are structured according to the star schema. These types of InfoCubes are primarily used for performing data reconciliation to reconcile the BW data with the source system data.

How to make the real-time infocube as Load behavior? The system prompts you with the following sub screen: January 6, at It has Fact table at the center and is surrounded by 16 dimension tables with Master data lying outside the cube. Documentquantity 10, is changed to Each dimension can hold characteristics for analysis. The types of virtual infoproviders are defines based on the data loading mechanisms.

Parameter Any parameters required by the member selection function. Remote cubes reside on a remote system. A reporting user can define or execute queries against an info cube. It consists of a number of InfoObjects that are filled with data from staging.


However, the reconstruction also processes this document because its data is already in the document tables. A Complete repartitioning, B Adding partitions to an e fact table that is already partitioned and C Merging empty or almost empty partitions of an e fact table that is already partitioned.

Types of infocubes in BI

An InfoCube consists of a fact table which is surrounded by 16 dimension tables and master data that is lying outside the cube. Hi Ashok, Your ni will be very infoucbes to beginners and please post further documents regarding main topics in bi. SQL partitioning limit issue: During the query execution it brings the data from respective source system. To select a different hierarchy, click the Hierarchies ellipsis in an output column or dimension to open the Hierarchies and Attributes List Editor.

What is High Cardinality?