InfoMaker User’s Guide. This document describes InfoMaker, what you use it for, and how you work in its environment. It describes how to: Use InfoMaker to. InfoMaker. Other sources of information. Use the Sybase Getting Started CD, the SyBooks CD, and the Sybase Product. Manuals Web site to learn more about. Admin Guide, R3. Release Bulletin for InfoMaker R3. PDF icon Admin Guide, R3. Installation Guide for InfoMaker.

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You can still follow the instructions to generate traditional license files as you have done in the past with InfoMaker.

Skip to main content. InfoMaker drives intelligent business decision-making by giving business users control over the data. It leverages existing DataWindows and provides app users the ability to create custom reports without modifying your source code.

InfoMaker empowers non-techies to easily unlock enterprise data and deliver actionable information that business users are after. It will no longer be using the SYSAM mechanism, but the idea is quite lnfomaker and no Internet access will be required on the development machine.


The subscription fee is required each year that you plan to use InfoMaker infomake. Mainstream support has been discontinued by SAP on June 30, For Business Users Easily explore, filter, and drill down into data, and then share freely with others.

InfoMaker is licensed and sold separately from PowerBuilder. For InfoMaker and the Revisions, the most notable new features are Windows 10 and Windows Server compatibility and updated database drivers, interoperability with PowerBuilderbuilt-in PDF printing, and a new simpler licensing mechanism. When your subscription expires you will no longer be mxnual to use the InfoMaker to design reports and forms.

InfoMaker User’s Guide

InfoMaker is so powerful that mnaual could even be used to manage your database, creating tables, views, indexes, and keys, piping data from one database to another, and validating columns.

What are the new features of InfoMaker and the Revisions?

Get a day Free Trial. Is InfoMaker included with PowerBuilder? Appeon and SAP have decided to offer two distinct product lines even though both are based on a fork of InfoMaker InfoMaker supports a broad range of data sources, report types and functions, and file formats.


More than pre-built functions are available to utilize in expressions for viewing and modifying data. InfoMaker is a powerful, easy-to-use, reporting tool for creating sophisticated reports and forms without writing any SQL code. What happens to my licenses when my subscription expires?

InfoMaker | Appeon

Rapidly create sophisticated reports and forms through wizards and point-and-click query construction without memorizing arcane commands — InfoMaker transparently creates any necessary SQL code behind-the-scenes. A non-perpetual license allows you to use the software for a specified subscription period.

Are InfoMaker licenses perpetual or non-perpetual? How do I license InfoMaker without an Internet connection?

Product Manual Appeon For InfoMaker

Sophisticated Reporting Made Easy. InfoMaker seamlessly connects to various data sources, including relational databases, formatted files, and plain text. Users can readily group, filter, sort, and export data after reports have been inromaker.

For Analysts Quickly go from data to reports with a short learning curve and visual design approach.