Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology is intended for use in undergraduate and/or graduate courses in Management Information. INFORMATION SYSTEMS VERSION (B+W) [John Gallaugher] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book is in great condition Like New. Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology v [John Gallaugher] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This textbook .

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These sections are written like short self-contained articles with learning objectives, key take always, questions and references. This is because of how fast the information system field changes. Gallaugher and his students spend several weeks each year visiting with, and attending master-class sessions hosted by, technology executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston, New York, and Ghana.

Understanding Network Effects 6. Fast Fashion from Savvy Systems 3. This text covered the concepts it addressed in a substantive manner using a non-technical engaging Some readers may find the additional details of value. And a first programming class with app development leaves students feeling motivated and empowered. Students struggle to absorb everything in lecture-style classes, but with videos, they can go back and re-watch, pause, and repeat lessons as much as needed.


For many textbooks you need to add current articles as additional reading to stay up to the minute in discussing IT. The author does make a very good effort to make the subject engaging.

Many introductory information systems textbooks are full of technical jargon and acronyms. Gallaugher has had exceptional access studying technology growth and impact worldwide. I really like the modularity of this textbook.

The Week in Geek™

Also take a look at the Table informatlon Contents. Each section is written to stand on its own like a periodical article. The text was easy to read and clear.

The chapter structure and order are logical and reflective of the discipline. This is easily understood if we consider the fact that most of the infornation systems being discussed in textbook have originated in the US. Offer the class that accelerates job and internship offers, where students are proud to show off their homework, and that reduces your teaching burden.

Instead of just stating the facts as most other textbooks do the author provides more of the flavor of how things really are in IT. Lectures gllaugher handled by the product, exercises and online quizzes are already created. Want to see the product and student results in action? And you are free to arrange the chapters any way you want.


Comments I would strongly recommend this textbook inforkation you have a non-technical audience. My preference is for text that include a comprehensive glossary and index. This text covered the concepts it addressed in a substantive manner using a non-technical engaging writing style and exemplary structure. The text is not culturally offensive in any way. How much is Facebook really worth? The text is not culturally insensitive or offensive.

Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology

Why was Netflix able to repel Blockbuster and WalMart? But the materials could be updated as the book is almost three years old.

No noticeable navigational issues or ineffective images and charts. This can be tricky for a book on information systems because the field changes quickly. University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing. The fact that the cases may be removed or updated relatively simply, because of the format, is an advantage.