This is the adventure series that sparked my love for the Iron Kingdoms. It was one of the first adventures I ever picked up for D&D 3E, and I was. Review of The Witchfire Trilogy Collected Edition While it was a good adventure, we the players saw it for a first part of a trilogy and Setting: Iron Kingdoms. This is a single volume, compiled reprinting of the first three Iron Kingdoms products: The Longest Night, Shadow of the Exile, and Legion of Lost Souls.

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The Witchfire Trilogy, Collected Edition (Iron Kingdoms)

May 26, Taddow rated it really liked it Shelves: Also an ENnie-award-winning managing editor for Privateer Press The last part of the trilogy has the PCs joining forces with Alexia to free the city from Vinter’s control by giving the Witchfire to Alexia so she can use its power to control a vast army of undead soldiers that have been locked away in an ancient burial vault.

Inhe created Ragnarok Publications www.

Matthew Walton rated it it was ok Dec 13, Once outside, they must travel overland battling creatures along the way to the burial vault, enter and defeat the dangers within before they can unleash the undead army. We put considerable work into revising and updating a substantial amount of content for the collected edition, along with including two bridge adventures, one of which was entirely new and the witchfiree which had previously been sold as a separate.

Honestly, it’s not too much trouble for an experienced GM who is used to designing their own stories. Robert MacAnthony added it Oct 05, After researching the location of the vault, the PCs find out they have to break the vault seals with a magical hammer that was wielded by a giant who was a defender of the city in ages past.

Bryan marked it as to-read Nov 14, Jason added it Jun 29, Whether or not you enjoyed that particular cover, it was a new piece of art by Matt Wilson, one of the creators of the setting and the man who had done all of the covers for the original trilogy. Here is my review with some minor spoilers. Trivia About The Witchfire Tri Jethplain marked it as to-read Jan 30, When my gaming group isn’t playing Dark Heresy, our back-up game is Iron Kingdoms, and we just finished the Witchfire trilogy with five total adventures if you include the two short ones that our Game Master GM converted for Iron Kingdoms 2nd Ed.


Kevin Breaux rated it it was amazing Apr 28, That cover, while awesome imho, does kinda give Alexia a reputation of being the ‘kill first and ask questions later’ type of NPC. Aaron Sleep rated it it was amazing Apr 19, Caleb Wachter rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Once that is completed, there is an overland trip by witchfird with the occasional battle with swamp creatures before they arrive at the temple and explore the inside.

This standalone campaign adventure for characters of levels or higher contains monsters, locales, magical creations, firearms, and intriguing characters to introduce players to western Immoren.

Steven marked it as to-read Sep 06, Hillary marked it as to-read Sep 15, In the end Corvis is saved and Vinter retreats.

Nawaf Mesad rated it really liked it Aug 16, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Jul 29, Amber rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I’ve very seriously considered hitting mine with black primer more than once.

The Witchfire Trilogy, Collected Edition by J.M. Martin

Martin Goodreads Author Editor. Matthew Taylor rated it it was amazing Jan 02, We also took some pains to address several encounters from the original where we had feedback from GMs related to ease of play. John rated it it was amazing Oct 31, Mudd marked it as to-read Jul 27, witchhfire Also, the cover art for the Collected Edition is attractive.

The Witchfire Trilogy provides the perfect entry point to the popular and award-winning Iron Kingdoms campaign setting. It isn’t such a jump for a player to mistakenly conclude that Alexia is the collecfed.


Otherwise, it’s fairly easy to cover the book until such a point as that is no longer necessary.

Exition marked it as to-read Feb 18, Hardcoverpages. Troy marked it as to-read Jun 01, But you can have your hard-copy of the original modules handy for showing players artwork and so on.

No trivia or quizzes yet. There is a short loosely linked mainly because it takes place in Corvis adventure where the PCs get hired by a gang to do some work to hinder a rival gang.

Shannon Lewis rated it liked it Mar 10, Rochellethecute is currently reading it Aug 30, I would have loved a piece of artwork highlighting the setting of Corvis, or featuring the ensemble of main characters in a non-spoiler fashion.

The Witchfire Trilogy, Collected Edition | Open Library

Ross wirchfire it really liked it Jan 18, Alex Meeres rated it really liked it Nov 03, By this point in time many players who would be interested in running through the trilogy probably already know more about her than their characters and so would already need to work to avoid letting that influence their decisions. With the undead army under Alexia’s control, the PCs enact a plan to go back to Corvis ahead of the army to secure one of the city’s main gates to allow the army to enter the city.

Naturally it’s still a connected trilogy and the flow of events still require a few specific things to happen to flow as intended, but we did try to reduce the “railroading” which had been one of the main complaints of the original.