As part of this theoretical psychoanalytical movement, Didier Anzieu, a French psychoanalyst, started to develop the concept of the “Moi-peau” in En inventant il y a plus de trente ans la métaphore du Moi-peau, Didier Anzieu a instauré la question des limites au centre de la psychanalyse, sur la base d’une. Didier Anzieu was a distinguished French psychoanalyst. Contents. 1 Life; 2 On Freud’s of the skin-container takes on a life of its own shap[ing] Didier Anzieu’s influential concept of the psychic envelope in The Skin-Ego (Le Moi- peau) ‘.

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Course in General Linguistics.

From the Skin Ego to the Psychic Envelope: An Introduction to the Work of Didier Anzieu

From the ;eau Ego to mii Psychic Envelope: In this way, his approach provides us with a systematic framework for understanding how human beings are active and agential bodily beings from the very beginning of life.

The psychical apparatus develops through successive stages of breaking with its biological bases, breaks which on the one hand make it possible to escape from biological laws and, on the other, make peak necessary to look for an anaclitic relationship of every psychical to a bodily function. First, the literal skin becomes more of a figurative skin; it becomes, in other words, a way of thinking about the experience of the senses — about how they feel — and how this feeling grows out of moii, indeed, latches onto the sensations springing from the surface of the body.

Instead, I merely present the argument — in what are, admittedly, simplified terms — and encourage others to engage more heartily with it in the future. Anzieu studied philosophy and was a pupil of Daniel Lagachebefore undertaking his first psychoanalysis with Jacques Lacan.

Papers on Infant Observationed. Over the course of my introduction to his notions of the skin ego and the psychic envelope, I discuss how and why Anzieu takes somatic exteriority as seriously as he does.

As a result, his work gives us a developmental approach that stresses the radically relational nature of embodied experience. That is, like the skin of an onion, the skin of the psyche is structured by layers that interlock one with the other. In this remark, he is pointing to a longstanding tradition in Western knowledge production: As both Freud and Anzieu make clear, once organic functions have been transposed onto the psychic plane, they take on a life of their own.


Autres livres de Didier Anzieu 23 Voir plus. When, inAnzieu published an entire book on this phenomenon, he expanded his list significantly: The baby has a concrete representation of this envelope which is provided for it by something of which it has frequent sensory experience a sensory experience intermingled with phantasies — its skin.

Le Moi-peau – Didier Anzieu – Babelio

Similarly, when he eats, he is often unable to keep food down and has a tendency to expel it as he breathes out. Perhaps the most telling strand in his writings, however, was that of the so-called Skin-Ego, and the related concept of the “Psychic Envelope”. As far as Gethsemane knew, his godmother had saved his life, for she was the one who — by holding him almost constantly against her arms and chest — gave him the skin-to-skin contact that he required in order to survive and, ultimately, to thrive.

In fact, while the pdau envelope may not be as fundamental as the auditory envelope, or as perceptible as the olfactory envelope, it is nevertheless an important part of what enables the infant to decide what it likes and therefore accepts and what it does not like and therefore rejects.

At certain moments, Gethsemane gave off a strong odor, the more unpleasant for being mingled with the scent of toilet water in which he drenched his hair, no doubt, I surmised, to offset the effects of heavy perspiration.

Retrieved from ” https: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality. In fact, one of the problems with this approach is that it does not account for the range of ways in which Lacan and the Lacanians might respond to such a critique. Just as the constant stimulation of the body by physical stimuli is managed by the skin, the mpi stimulation of the mind by mental stimuli is managed by the skin ego.

Interviews with Gilbert Tarrab on Psychology and Psychoanalysis. These, in combination with the fact that Anzieu has little to say about how the phenomena of sex, gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity might be brought to bear on his work, are definite limitations. Signaler ce contenu Voir la page de la citation.


For Fausto-Sterling, this approach requires that three principles be kept in view: Once somatic functions have been transposed onto the psychic plane, they are no longer somatically-specific but psychically-specific; and, once they are psychically-specific, they are propelled more by psychosocial forces than by neurophysiological forces.

For the human being to develop healthily, the skin ego must be superseded by what Anzieu calls the thinking ego for it is the latter, not the former, that allows for the development of symbolic thought and elaboration, language and desire. Insofar as it is more primitive than its tactile counterpart, the sound bath functions in the first instance as a sort of substitute skin ego.

Alizade, Feminine Sexuality London p. A few words of warning before we proceed.

Didier Anzieu

By privileging the surfaces of the human being, both psychic and somatic, Anzieu shows that the superficial is at least as important as the profound. L’enfant et sa famille Donald W.

For Anzieu, this confrontation could only occur once the patient had learned to begin processing his aggression through his mind, not his body. What is more, because the baby functions according to the primary processes, it experiences its skin and the stimuli impinging on it through phantasy. Indeed, for her, the moebius strip model is useful for thinking not so much about the ego but about the mutually constitutive relationship between inside and outside.

[The “Moi-peau”].

peeau These were the three functions that Anzieu chose to discuss in his first paper, published inon the phenomenon of the skin ego Anzieu,pp.

Referring back to the mirror phase as conceived by Lacan, in which the Ego constitutes itself as other on the model of a mirror image of the whole unified body, D.

Le Corps de l’oeuvre 3 citations.