Many philosophies of arranging denture occlusion; No definitive scientific studies Lingualized Occlusion: Contacts on centered on mandibular ridge minimizes. Lingualized Occlusion. If I had to choose the one thing that’s had the greatest effect on the success of the dentures and partial dentures I construct for my patients. Lingualized occlusion represents an established method for the development of functional and esthetic complete denture articulation. Since its introduction, the.

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Characteristic of this concept is recording pantographic tracing and transferring it to articulator to eliminate deflective contacts in the posterior arrangement.

Anatomic posterior occlusal arrangements have the mandibular buccal cusps occluding in the maxillary central fossae and the maxillary palatal cusps occluding in the mandibular central fossae [ Figure 6a ].

Dent Clin N Am ; Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer. Nocturnal occlusal parafunction can be eliminated by removal of the dentures while sleeping, but there is still the problem of parafunction during day time. The porcelain linvualized in occlusal contact will wear very little and tend to maintain a lineal occlusion longer than do plastic teeth.

Concepts of occlusion in prosthodontics: A literature review, part II

J Indian Prosthodont Soc. The decision as to whether to locate the ridge of contacts in the maxillary or mandibular arch depends on the factors of denture linguaoized and esthetics. Please review our privacy policy. A method of developing monoplane occlusions.


Kurth’s concept[ 1 ] Features Artificial posterior teeth arranged incorporating the reverse lateral curve. Monoplane articulation[ 25 ] Jones advocated monoplane articulation in We need to consider all the factors such as biologic, physiologic, and mechanical that favor the stability of the denture base to avoid deflective or excessive forces transmitted to the underlying structures.

In the right lateral position, the occlusal contact forces directed toward the ridges occlsuion the working side [ Figure 5b ].

The lingualuzed of the masticatory cycle as shown with cinephotography was not influenced greatly by occlusal form. The posterior teeth were reduced in number from 8 to 6.

InWoelfel and Winter studied three groups of denture wearers over a 5—8-year period. Esthetically vertical overlap of the teeth can be increased [ Figure 7 ].

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The maxillary denture is esthetically equivalent to normal cuspal contours in the premolar and molar regions. Masticatory forces are directed toward the ridge bilaterally in centric occlusion [ Figure 3a ].

In right lateral position. Because the neutrocentric technique provides an area of closure and does not lock the mandible into a single position. Organic occlusion[ 4 ] In occllusion concept, the anterior teeth are arranged according to the requirements of esthetics and phonetics.

In centric occlusion, the contact forces are directed toward the ridges [ Figure 2a ]. In effect, the occlusion is lingualized by the elimination of contacts on the buccal cusps and by the anteroposterior arrangement of lower posterior teeth so that their lingual surfaces are on or within the linualized side of a triangle from the mesial area of the lower cuspid to the sides of the retromolar pad.

  IEC 60282 PDF

Lingualized occlusion for removable prosthodontics. Disadvantages of neutrocentric occlusion The greatest criticism of this occlusal scheme is that it is the least esthetic as there is no incisal overlap and no posterior cusps.

Oingualized, the plane should fall at the junction of the upper and middle thirds of the retromolar pads. The nonanatomic group also needed the most adjustments over a 5-year period. Pivot’s place the mandible in equilibrium by maintaining the occlusal load in the molar regions. The maxillary posterior teeth are arranged first, and the occlusal plane must fulfill certain requirements. J Am Dent Assoc ; The greatest bone loss and closure of the occlusal vertical dimension were observed in the group of denture wearers with nonanatomic posterior teeth and the least in the group wearing anatomic posterior teeth.

Lingualized occlusion is developed to maintain the food-penetration advantages of the anatomic form while maintaining the mechanical freedom of the nonanatomic form. Sear’s concept[ 1 ] Features Occlusal pivots were introduced by Sear’s. J Am Dent Assoc. Lateral excursion Click here to view. None, Conflict of Interest: If the horizontal overlap is 3—4 mm between the anterior teeth, balanced occlusion can be achieved before anterior tooth contact at maximum intercuspation.