Guadalinex is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and developed by (MD5) from here: (3,MB). and a practical user manual written specifically for this version of the distribution. Full Package List: Guadalinex Number of .. gnome-user-guide-es + gitubuntu2 guadalinex-eadmin vguada2. I cannot log in this ditribution: guadalinex-v7-desktop-ialpha . There is also supposed to be a manual on the CD. My Spanish is not up to.

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We made some graphical changes as well to look more professional and eye-caring.

: Guadalinex

Michael Tremer has announced a new update to the IPFire distribution for firewalls. The choice is yours! The second beta of Guadalinex has been released. This package is part of the official KDE edutainment module. Maybe our best release so far, taking into account the impressive work that was done on the installer, both to add new features and to get rid of old bugs.

Many improvements in Slackel-live-installer have been done. In the multimedia section VLC 2. These archives are then automatically unpacked at runtime of the live session or during installation to disk. The new test release offers USB 3 support, improved hibernation support and a number of improvements have been made to the distribution’s boot loader.


For further information guadapinex refer to the release announcement in Spanish. Debian, Devuan and systemd. For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

It ships with the following software versions: The new release, which is available in Cinnamon and MATE editions, offers a number of performance improvements.

Fedora is available in Workstation, Server and Cloud editions. Please read the release announcement in Spanish for further information.

Distribution Release: Guadalinex ( News)

The mxnual edition has a new kernel from Debian upstream; Robolinux has also released an updates repository so users no longer need to reinstall Robolinux when new versions come out.

The Ubuntu community is built on the buadalinex enshrined in the Ubuntu Manifesto: This is the first release candidate for the Android-x86 6. See the complete release announcement in Spanish for more details. The qlnxe driver firmware has been updated to version 8.

Manual guadalinex v7 monitor

It runs under the BOINC client which downloads radio telescope data from a network server, analyzes the data looking for signals of extraterrestial origin, and uploads results to the server, repeating this cycle indefinitely. This new version brings updates to all packages, new installation options like LVM supportlatest hardware support, and global performance improvements among many other things.


Debian, Devuan and systemd Torrent corner: Download MD5pkglist: The final release of Guadalinex 3 is scheduled for late November or early December.

This release, based on Debian 9, is built around the Xfce 4. Clement Lefebvre has announced the availability of Linux Mint Meet Plasma, the most beautiful high-end Linux desktop, why we believe your computer must be unique just like you.

Read the full release announcement and this justification for the changes in the Guadalinex development model both links in Spanish. Librem 5 dev kits shipping. Highlights of Plasma 5.


Philip Muller has announced a new release of Manjaro Linux, an Arch-inspired rolling-release distribution. Parted Magic now ships with a screen magnifier. All