Atri (Sanskrit: अत्रि) or Attri is a Vedic sage, who is credited with composing a large number of hymns to Agni, Indra and other Vedic deities of Hinduism. Atri is . Atri Smriti. Katyayna Smriti. Parashara Smriti. Manu Smriti. Aushanasa Smriti. Harita Smriti. Gautama Smriti. Yama Smriti. Upsmritis. 1. What Atri Smriti is saying is, that (santapana) is the punishment for having unnatural sexual intercourse with any female animals except a cow.

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What are Smritis? | Webdunia English

By discharging semen into inhuman females except a cowari a woman in [her] menses, into others that have no female organs i. Santapana is relatively a lot easy to perform.

Atri’s wife is Anasuya, a daughter of Kardama Prajapati. Here is what the Atri Smriti says in context: This article is about a Vedic sage. He was a mind-born son of Brahma.

He lived in a hermitage at Dandakavanam and Rama visited him and learned about the secret of dharma Ramayana 2. So this was all the case of misinterpretation.

Even with limited income, atru should be given away daily with care and liberal spirit. The Immortal Guru, Yogin, and Avatara. Mr Anurag Singh who discharge semen in the Mother? Mandala 5 comprises 87 hymns, mainly to Agni and Indrabut also to the Visvedevas “all the gods’the Marutsthe twin-deity Mitra-Varuna and the Asvins.

Atri – Wikipedia

This is called Daya. The pair is also attributed to bringing river Ganga down to earth, the mention of which is found in Shiva Purana. One should behave like his own self, towards others, his own relations and friends, him who envies him, and even his enemy.


Rishi i think his question is genuine though it looks as rude as Cow is sacred for us. Retrieved from ” https: And thank you that you understood it. In case of a similar offence against a cow, the punishment is even more severe.

Gayatri is a celebrated vedic chandas or meter. If material or spiritual pain is smrifi by others, and one is not offended and does not wreak revenge, it is called Dama. This is called Dana. By holding intercourse with a cow, one should perform a Chandrayana spoken of by Manu. Upanishad uses the word vidya as a technique to do spiritual Sadana. Atri wrote an Anukramanai literature giving first word of vedic hymns, name of Arri, Chandas and Devata on Krishna Yajurveda.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Most hymns in this book are attributed to the Atri clan composers, called the Atreyas. Jamison ; Joel P. The Aitereya Brahmana 8. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. When instructed by divine voice to do penance, Atri readily agreed and did severe penance. It is an elaborate work in 9 chapters. By discharging semen into inhuman females except a cow, into a woman in [her] menses, into others that have no female organs i.

Veda Atri and his descendents Atreyas are the seer of the fifth mandala of the Rig Veda. State University of New York Press.

Intercourse with all animals is forbidden, atr just that the Prayaschitta required is more arduous in the case of a cows than in the case of another animal. By holding intercourse with a cow, one should perform- a Chandrayana spoken of by Manu. Views Read Edit View history.


Nonviolence in the Mahabharata: There is a Dharmasastra Atributed to him as Atreya Dharmasastra.

What are Smritis?

Translation Sanskrit to English English to Sanskrit. Many descendents of Atri are told in scriptures. And I am not like a wanton brute who would like to talk dirty things here.

It is afri if these agri to the same person, or to different Rishis who had the same name. Oh ok just now realised what you are actually asking. TheDestroyer I do never mean any offense here. Atfi I was thinking- how could our Scriptures say not to discharge semen in any inhuman female other than cow. Definitions of Chandrayana and Samtapana penances from Manu Smriti are given below: Whereas, Chandrayana is a much more difficult prayaschitta or penance which involves prolonged fasting.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Gayatri is to be received as a diksha initiated into mantra from an elderly person who is While the fifth mandala is attributed to Atri and his associates, sage Atri is mentioned or credited with numerous other verses of the Rigveda in other Mandalas, msriti as I just asked- why would Atri say that we should not discharge semen in any inhuman female other than cow.

These hymns include lexical, syntactic, morphological and verb play utilizing the flexibility of the Sanskrit language.