Bogdan Negrea, Evaluarea activelor financiare. O introducere in teoria proceselor stocastice aplicate in finante, Economica, Bucuresti, , România. 5. Professor Negrea Bogdan PhD. Seminar activities professor. Professor . Bogdan Negrea, Evaluarea activelor financiare. O introducere in teoria proceselor. MSc student: Olteanu Bogdan .. Negrea, B. (), Evaluarea activelor financiare: o introducere vn teoria proceselor stocastice aplicatta vn finanste, Bucuresti.

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Ovidiu Ungureanu, Drept civil.

So the verification of the relation above is performed. Awareness of performance management can form the basis for development, and managers must act as eevaluarea. It is considered that each will try to make the best decision for himself, without taking into account the other s decision, such a strategy being called dominant strategy.

Definitions for expansionary fiscal adjustment Purfield defines an episode of fiscal adjustment as being expansionary if the average growth rate of real GDP during the adjustment period and over the next two years is at least one standard deviation above the average growth rate recorded for the country throughout the period.

Definitions for fiscal adjustment Alesina, Perotti define the stance for fiscal policy depending on the changes of the budget deficit called fiscal impulse, denoted by FI: Suspect A confesses does not confess 5 years 10 years confesses Suspect B 5 years 0 years 0 years 6 years does not confess 10 years 6 years Source: Walsh showed how his circularity test could be used in order to evaluate how good any bilateral index number formula was.

Another factor in choosing the information that is provided, the cost of collecting information, which in some cases, benefits may be more important than communication.

Durban, Butterworths Belverde E.

Caiet Practica BRD

For each subscripts q ‘, i ‘, r ‘: The immigration country will thus benefit from an acceleration financire the economic growth, generated by the influx of workers from the acrivelor developed country the number of the stable population increases, the consumers number increases generates additional economic investments, increases the value of axtivelor paid to the state budget and to social insurance funds, decreases the budget deficit, etc.


To estimate the profitability and the potential of the Romanian tourism, we will use the model developed by Boston Consulting Group, the BCG matrix. The structural parameters that will occur in the credibility premium and their interpretation now are as follows: As both are trying to escape punishment, being rational, they will choose to confess, and consequently, a sub-optimal result is obtained, because the result is, for both of them, worse than if they had chosen not to confess.

Corporate governance varies significantly from country to country depending on economic factors, political, financial, social cultural or country-specific.

Caiet Practica BRD – PDF Free Download

In Colentina Surgical Clinic were operated cases with this pathology in the last 10 years. The punishment for betrayal will be received in the next game, while cooperation is constantly rewarded. When referring strictly to the tourism industry, then we can define the tourism competitiveness as a “relative competitive position in terms of profits and growth of a country’s tourism industry within the global market, including the developed and developing countries, through tourism which increases the level of the income of its citizens and improves their standard of living 7 ” How can the competitiveness be measured is still generating debate.

The decision of one of the suspects cannot influence the other s decision and, consequently, each of the two has a better position if he confesses. The same writers consider that the state is, as a matter of historical development of the international law, the general subject of international law and it may not be assumed that a state has consented to make its citizens subjects of international law, unless it has unequivocally expressed its intention to do so.

The fiscal policy might be caracterized as being: Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods 4 2 SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. That is, he made the following definitions: The scope of this paper is to identify the applied strategies for obtaining fiscal adjustment a reduction of the public deficit more than 1. This result is called Nash equilibrium. Also the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development believes that corporate governance is at the same time, both a set of relationships between management unit, the board of directors, shareholders and other interested groups and the structure through which company objectives are set and the means to they are achieved, and the system of incentives offered by the board of directors and management to enhance shareholders’ interests and goals of society.


This social dilemma is two-person, bi-strategic and symmetric game highlighting the cost of the mistrust between the parties, of the suspicion and noncooperation.

Having an old customary basis whereby piracy on sea or slave trade were incriminated, nowadays the international law establishes the criminal responsibility for individual deeds of drugs trafficking, safety of international civil aviation or fight against terrorism. This is possible if professional accountants and management unit uses professional reasoning.

The development and diversification of mechanic suture devices staplers allowed for an important progress in colorectal surgery to be done, considering that low colorectal anastomoses are often impossible by manual suture with conventional instruments 6, 7, 8.

X qjw, Under the same hypotheses as in the previous application, the following linear non-homogeneous estimator is obtained for the pure net risk premium of the contract p, j: Managers need information units, which enable them to conduct business in a profitable manner. Walsh introduced the following useful variant of the circularity test: