Selling this Holfi Audis Integrated Amp, I’m rating it 8/10 due to age, still working but without box and manual. My price will be RM, location. Holfi Audis integrated amplifier (Cherry) | Sound & Vision, Home Audio & HiFi Separates, Amplifiers & Pre-Amps | eBay!. I bought the Holfi Integra after listening to several other amplifiers, both cheaper and more expensive than the Integra 8, including the “little brother”, the Audis.

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The EC is natural sounding, powerful and transparant. Sun Feb 28, 2: A very tasty slice of high-end at a relatively sensible price. Sep 8 Very strong all round performer with excellent build and finish. I’m too busy listening to music! Page 2 of 2. The A3 is a class leader in solid state design.

Help using integrated amp as power amp!

Suprisingly it is better sound than ECI Could be a little bright for some. Jan 1 Superb build and ergonomics make it a far more accomplished all-rounder, and one of hi-fi great bargains right now. Fluid and musical holdi upper bass is a little dry. Please check ur pm. Very transparent and coherent sound with great sound staging and detail.


Not sure what you want to spend, but also look at a Sonneteer Alabaster, hklfi they also pair well with Totem. Show posts by this member only Post A “small” ingegrated amp that is sure to blow you away.

Best integrated I have found for my Sttafs is a Sugden a21a. Clean, open, active sound.

[WTS] DIY Audio Cable

When opening the cabinet, cherry wood in front! Subscribe to this forum Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board.

Oct 31 The seller has relisted this item or one like this. Good detail and a spacious open sound gives acoustic music and the majority of rock superb clarity. Fresh sound with sharp attack. A powerful performer in a competent package that is good hholfi for money.

Yes, the LFD amps really are that good. Great British hi-fi on a budget. Verging on the expensive though. Fine quality bass but rather lackadaisical as regards timing. Some will find no better way of making music for the money, others may soon tire of it. Dec 20 It is very audks and forward aydis sound much like live music is, so if you like that live sound Holfi is the amp to buy!


Holfi Integra 8 Integrated Amplifiers

Partnered correctly to counterbalance its aidis, the Sony offers a fast, rhythmic presentation. High power integrated with phono. Smooth as silk, tactile bass and sweet treble.

Luxuriant presentation doesn’t compensate for the tendency to un-rhythmic effects. I really didn’t believe it would be that much better than the Exposure or Naim stuff, but it is, dammit.