Institute of Vehicle System Technology (FAST), Chair of Mobile .. „ Energiespeicher für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen mit Hybridantrieben,“ in 1. war die Fachtagung Hybridantriebe für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen geboren. Inzwischen findet die 4. Fachtagung statt, die sich heute als anerkanntes Forum im. Mit Strom und Sprit—Entwicklung von Hybridantrieben für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen. In: dSPACE Magazine, 2. dSPACE GmbH, Paderborn. Eckstein, L., Schmitt.

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The features of relay protection of high-voltage electric motors in composition of the frequency-adjustable electric drive are considered in the article.

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Then the inverse system decoupling theory is applied to decompose the nonlinear system into several independent subsystems, which makes it possible to realize the arbeittsmaschinen control of each subsystem.

AL Free format text: This rigorous condition is fulfill with tolerated errors mainly thanks to the feedforward utilization. The sensors are doubled and each set is connected to its own microcomputer for evaluation of measurements.

A vehicle is controlled by a steering unit which contains a steering wheel with a force feedback system, push buttons, an accelerator and a brake. On one hand arbeitsmaschineh nonlinear observer is designed, whereas on the other hand the speed state is estimated by using the dirty derivative from the position measured.

The lesson that needs to be learnt is that Finland needs sufficient capacity of her own to meet demand even during particularly cold winters. Not only for the advantage of low noise, but for their high energy efficiency and zero pollution. HR Free format text: Blow molding electric drives of Mechanical Engineering. The energy storage devices in electric vehicles typically improve vehicle efficiency through engine downsizing and by recapturing braking energy. The yaw rate can be controlled to almost zero by applying torque compensation based on yaw rate feedback.


Traditionally, simulation tools for drives can simulate electrical parameters, torque and different loads. RO Free format text: Analysis of electric machinery and drive systems. Simulation and experiment results and numerical analyses, based on the electric vehicle actuated by in-wheel-motors, prove that the proposed control method is effective to accomplish the decoupling control of the steering and driving system in both simulation and real practice.

Evaluation of transitions based on system options. Two wheel speed robust sliding mode control for electric vehicle drive. Directorate General for Energy; Ameida, A. Full Text Available Purpose.

multimotor electric drive: Topics by

The problems are arranged in order of increasing levels of complexity and discussions of the solutions are included where appropriate to illustrate the engineering implications.

However, discrepancies between existing driving cycles and real-world driving conditions exist due to a number of factors such as insufficient data, inadequate driving cycle development methodologies and methods to assess the representativeness of developed driving cycles. Closed-loop current-sensing circuit automatically adjusts frequency of voltage-controlled oscillator that controls inverter frequency, to limit starting and accelerating surges. Arbeitsmaschunen in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform.

: Peter-Michael Synek: Books

The stabilities of the tracking and synchronization control systems are analyzed by the Lyapunov theory. Date of ref document: This is a very rigorous discipline and has a long tradition, as its theoretical bases were formulated in the first half of the XIX century by d’ Alembert, Lagrange, Hybridantrieve, Maxwell and other prominent scientists, but their crucial results were based on previous pioneering research of others such as Copernicus, Galileo, Newton.


Electric-drive vehicles use electricity as their primary fuel or to improve the efficiency of conventional vehicle designs. A strategy to reduce energy losses is proposed, in which two phases are applied. It also discusses fundamental aspects of the state of the art design process and includes examples from industrial mobiile.

The question, whether a pneumatic drive is more energy efficient than an electric driveis very difficult to answer straightaway. Results now show that the proposed driving range estimation method can not only estimate the remaining mileage, but also eliminate the fluctuation of the.

EP2607294A1 – Mobile Arbeitsmaschine mit Startgenerator – Google Patents

They operate from a 1 to O V a. This paper describes a novel safety driving control scheme for electric power assisted wheelchairs based on the regenerative braking system.

Fast-Response electric drives of Mechanical Engineering objects. MT Free format text: Special attention is devoted to wide span gantry drive and algorithm for skew elimination. Specifically, the collaborators planned to use the equipment derived from this project to develop a rechargeable battery system that will use the carbon materials produced by the innovative factory process equipment.

In particular, it addresses two important subjects of AC induction motor drives: The technical and economic hybridahtriebe for electric drive to more broadly succeed in a wider range of highway vehicle applications are described, and implications for the most promising new markets are provided.