Excelling at Chess has 40 ratings and 4 reviews. Alberto said: A fun read, but not much here that will actually help you excel at chess. The other books. Sep 24, Jacob Aagaard’s “Excelling” series. LastImpression. Sep 20, #1. Does anyone here have an opinion of the aagaard series? I believe there are 6 books in. Excelling at Chess by Jacob Aagaard. Excelling at Chess Jacob Aagard; pages; Everyman Chess, I can’t recall an example, although I imagine that .

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Jacob Aagaard book levels : chess

The main thing is to work on your game, and you will improve. That being said, you can still learn a great deal from his books; you might benefit from something easier, though. Endgame Play contains positions ideally suited to this task. On the board next to me on Monday night, a very promising junior lost a rook endgame where White had a pawn advantage, but all pawns were on the kingside, no pawns were isolated or doubled, etc.

Of course some of these moves were forced by White. Before moving to specific examples, I should note as well and this may be a language problem that rule independence in my book refers to not being dependent upon certain rules, abstractions and generalities in practice; the phrase doesn’t imply that there is no truth in any general consideration whatsoever.

My book examines how strong players have adopted a more realistic, creative, attitude towards the game, sometimes instantiated in ways that would have shocked their predecessors. September 27th, at And yet such play by White in a somewhat less extreme form, to be sure is not so unusual today.

Ultimately, I wouldn’t have changed much with this book. Write a customer review. Thinking inside the Box. Master this discipline and you can surely expect your results to improve dramatically.


Going through each problem was great and viewing the solutions really helped me improve. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. I helped a bit with structuring the book. The latter I would put after, but again, reading it earlier would not damage you. It is a mistake to assume that Grandmasters think like engines. This book was written 10 years ago, and I trust that Mr. January 18th, at Similarly, Aagard tries to undercut my argument about the rules regarding bishops and knights in open and closed positions.

September 20th, at Everyman Chess January 26, Publication Date: As we both say, an emphasis on structure over development is characteristic of the Sicilian Defence. While Gelfand works diligently to break down the logic of his best moves — his 11…Ra6!! I do plan on coming on a book tour of Asia in the spring, hopefully around mid-April.

When is the right time to Calculate? I am not claiming that the great moves of the masters are somehow ineffable or beyond reason. The class player who puts in the time and work solving the positions in this book will undoubtedly see a jump in her endgame skills and her rating.

Playing against Komodo or Houdini is just too depressing!

Excelling at Chess | The Week in Chess

Note too that ‘concrete calculation’ doesn’t mean just lining up moves in your head. If you want to read it and like most of us are short of time, I would suggest that your main focus of attention be upon specific examples. First of all, this is pretty murky: Sep 20, If you’re interested you can have a look, and chwss you find them too challenging, come back to them later. Do it like it excslling important!


Pranay Rawat rated it liked it Aug 18, It is not an easy book by any standard, but I suspect that most players seriously looking to improve and capable of self-criticism would do very well to read it.


Tt rated it really liked it Aug 22, There seems to be something of a consensus: Gabriele Di pietro rated it it was ok Oct 05, Aagaard’s books seem to have a “you must cehss this tall to ride” feel to them especially 2, 3 and 5 and are catered to above-average players.

It is only through the steady sharpening of basic chess skills, many already in our conceptual toolboxes, that we can begin to make better decisions and ultimately improve our results.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. I don’t think the material in reassess your chess is difficult at all.

Jacob Aagaard’s “Excelling” series

This site uses cookies. He includes chapters on when to calculate, how to evaluate positions, how to study theory, how to study the endgame and when to force the position. Essentially he’s saying that endgame positions are somehow more significant than middlegames with respect to assessing pieces’ fundamental strength – why on earth would that be?

Positional Play has been printed in the December issue of Chess Life. Refresh and try again.

He uses five lone-bishop-versus-knight endgames as illustrations, and concludes that ‘bishops are better than knights in open positions’ presumably with ‘all things being equal’.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. To work with a friend is often a good way. But the notion behind them soon became accepted and spread to other positions with more or less resemblance to the original.

Don’t ask for advice about games in progress.